Email to CUNY English Department about how to improve classes [opinion].


Greetings Professor and English Department, 

I would like to provide quick feedback, including my opinion on how to improve all the English classes. 

I feel many of the decisions are up to the school, state, federal government, etc. Nonetheless here is my view on how the classes can be elevated. 

There are several digital resources on the web about how to write essays, how to improve grammar, how to be a better writer, etc. As a student, I have no idea which of these resources are credible and apply the English class I’m taking. 

The English department, the school, and the professors can’t replicate all that content. In my humble opinion, they should make use of it. For example, YouTube videos, articles, websites, mobile apps, etc. 

Regardless of what English class it is, the professor, department, and anyone else who is involved should spend a few days, weeks, months, going through the various resources and filter out the quality ones. 

If there is an assignment to write an analytical essay for an English class, provide a dozen additional resources available for free on the internet that would allow students to dig in deeper and write it better. Even if only 3 to 5 percent of students use the digital resources, that will make it worthwhile for the ones who are going the extra mile to learn the material and go for the A. 

I have a feeling the percentage will be higher than that. To illustrate, if you recommend YouTube videos people will watch them. If the school wants to create the content themselves, that’s great, in the meantime, it’s sitting on the web right now. The issue is, we the students need professionals to filter out what’s real and what’s not applicable. 

The professors can share a PDF with all the links at the beginning of the semester. That way students can spend their time productively and learn the information for the whole semester immediately if they take the initiative. The links can also be given as an attachment with each assignment. 

[Opinion] should be recommended to all students. 

The school should make a deal with them and provide the premium version for free. I’ve become a much better writer because of it. It’s not fair for some of the students to have it and not others. I’m homeless and I have the premium version purchased with student loan money. 

I have a lot more ideas but those two would be a game-changer. I’m confident the powers that be have thought about everything I’ve written, regardless these are my ideas. 

Thank you and have a great day. 

Ever upward,

Mark Pine 

I love CUNY. 

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