Email to the Nassau County Human Rights Commission.


Greetings Nassau County Human Rights Commission,

I’m being discriminated against by the Nassau County Government. I have a few more days left of school at The City University of New York / LaGuardia Community College and then I’m going to focus on this situation one hundred percent. Next semester I’m transferring to Baruch College. 

Rich people I know have been paying New York law enforcement to terrorize people for decades. There is a little bit of evidence out there that hasn’t been concealed or covered up. 

They had several teenage girls and young women try to hook up with me to set me up. I didn’t fall for it. 

They also have women and men try to pick fights with me while New York law enforcement supervises. 

If anyone reading this doesn’t believe this goes on, I invite you to search Google for the crimes that members of New York law enforcement have recently been arrested for. Murder, rape, domestic violence, child abuse, drug dealing, etc. The craziest stories you can’t imagine. 

One NYPD sergeant was arrested for ordering women to sexually abuse their toddlers. His name is Alberto Randazzo. 

A member of the Nassau County Police was arrested for exposing himself to people at a park. His name is Richard Furboter. Another member of the Nassau County Police was arrested for crashing into a parked car drunk in 2020. I’m sure MADD would be thrilled about that. 

When the police and their civilian team start to hammer away at me I don’t react to them at all in person. I ignore them because they are being paid to try and get me to react. 

Instead, I pick up the phone and call Nassau County Police headquarters, Nassau County 911, Nassau County Executive, Nassau County District Attorney, Nassau County Internal Affairs, etc. The police and their civilian team know I’m calling and they can care less. They continue to harass me and no one helps. 

In November 2020, I was met in the street by about ten police officers from the NCPD 6th Precinct in Great Neck. They told me to stop calling NCPD headquarters and NCPD 911. I immediately stopped calling and haven’t called since. I was one hundred percent respectful to them the whole time. 

About five days later I was arrested at the Jericho Public Library while I was studying for my finals. That was November 30, 2020, I believe. I didn’t resist arrest at all. I was respectful to the police then too. 

I don’t have any criminal record. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I’m a full-time college student. 

There were never any threats made by me to any member of law enforcement. There were a lot of threats made from them to me. 

I’m 44 years old. I’ve made it this far without getting into any trouble. Now the Nassau County Police have charged me with harassing them on the phone. The only witnesses in my case are the police and their staff that my civilian enemies have been paying since I was riding bicycles in Hewlett/Woodmere in the 1980s. 

Now here comes the discrimination part. I have been homeless for about five years. If you saw me you would not think I was homeless. I’m on the Dean’s List at my college. I have not missed one class in about a year and a half at school. I treat everyone at CUNY with the utmost respect at all times. I have not had any issues there. 

The only reason I’m homeless is that people I know have been harassing me and they sabotaged my web marketing business. I’m making the best of it and I’m working to get back in an apartment. I’m also an active New York State licensed real estate broker. 

I have been assigned to someone for what is called pre-trial services. I treat the women respectfully. I’m not trying to make a bad situation worse. 

1. Why do I need to check in with someone? I’m 44 with no criminal record. The only criminal record I have is reporting crime and arguing on the phone with the Nassau County police department. They told me to stop calling and I did. I have the whole exchange on video. 

2. The whole time that the Nassau County Police had me in custody I acted completely normal. Of course, they chained me to a wall and blasted music for hours. Even with that, they have no video of me acting out of order. 

3. The person who I am assigned to check in with is treating me like garbage, trying to get me to react negatively because they have nothing on me. The only hope they have of getting negative evidence on me is the phone calls between the pre-trial person and myself. I’m treating her respectfully regardless of how she is being coached to try and make me look bad. 

The woman said where do you sleep? 

I said on buses and in the subway. 

She said I want you to call me every week and let me know what subway station you slept in. 

I said can I get that in writing or an email?

She said, no it’s OK you don’t need to tell me what subway station. 

Then I gave the women my college email. 

She said do you have a different email? 

I suspect the reason she doesn’t want my college email is that it makes me look good, not like the picture they are trying to paint of me. Why doesn’t she want my college email? 

My GPA after 27 credits is currently 4.0. This semester I’m getting all As maybe one B but probably all As. That with getting arrested in the middle of finals plus the police and their civilian team harassing me. 

I will continue to check in every week as I’m told even though the woman is trying to sabotage me. I don’t take it personally, I know the police are coaching her. I’ve been dealing with the police for years. 

One time I was in a class and a woman starts to yell at me at the top of her lungs. I have no clue who this woman is. I don’t say a word, I just move my seat. After class, I file a complaint with LaGuardia Community College security. 

There is a security camera in the classroom. Security gets back to me and says the security camera was broken. 

This is the type of situation I deal with all the time. 

Can someone please look at my case. I’m being discriminated against for being homeless. Also, I spend the majority of my time in New York City. The only reason they arrested me in Nassau County is that this would never fly in New York City. I’m going to respectfully and carefully contact thousands of people until I get some help. 

One last thing. A day or two after the NCPD officers from the 6th Precinct told me to stop calling, the police and their civilian team started viciously harassing me. Now I realize why. They were trying to get me to call NCPD 911 so they could say they warned me and then arrest me. I didn’t call. 

Please advise.

Thank you and have a great day.

Ever upward,

Mark Pine

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