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Email to the Nice Bus company in Nassau County.

Greetings Nice Bus,

On bus 1897 from Mineola to Jamaica at around 6 PM tonight, someone wasn’t wearing a mask. I was on my laptop studying for school (CUNY) and a passenger said he thought I was with the man not wearing a mask and started threatening me.

I told him to stop talking to me and we argued for about a minute. After that, I went back to my laptop. The man who tried to pick a fight with me got off the bus a few stops later.

I always mind my own business on the bus and I treat the drivers with the utmost respect as I treat all CUNY staff, HRA, USPS, etc. I report everything because the NYPD and NCPD send civilians who work for them to try and pick fights with me every day.

Normally I ignore them but I had no clue what the person was about to do so I paid attention just in case he started attacking me. Civilians who work for the NYPD and NCPD have stolen and broken dozens of my laptops and phones.

I have so many police reports for stolen items it’s ridiculous plus there have been a ton of times when the police deny me reports because people I know pay them to torture people including me.

Thank you and have a great day.

Ever upward,

Mark Pine

By Mark Pine

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