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New York law enforcement canceled my free welfare dental appointment.

Today I showed up for my free welfare dental appointment early as always. I’m always early for everything. I have been at college for more than a year and I have never missed a class. 

The receptionist told me my appointment was yesterday. I know for a fact it wasn’t. I didn’t say a word besides can I please reschedule. 

I know for a fact that New York law enforcement went to the dentist and ordered them to cancel the appointment. I have no issue with anyone at the dental office because if they don’t do exactly what New York law enforcement tells them, it will become their problem. New York law enforcement will have them fired and cancel my dental appointment anyway. 

What would you do? If you were working at a dental office and New York law enforcement, FBI, NYPD, NCPD, DEA, etc., told you to cancel someone’s appointment to harass them? Would you tell them no? Would you cancel the appointment to avoid the drama?

Let’s say you worked at a restaurant or supermarket and New York law enforcement asked you to tamper with someone’s food. On top of that, you are living check to check. If you don’t sabotage someone’s food you will be fired on the spot. What would you do? 

There are a few reasons New York law enforcement wanted to cancel my dental appointment. 

I suspect that the free dental might get cut out of the budget. I don’t pay anything for my dental visits. I get my health and dental insurance for free from the government because I’m homeless. 

People I know pay New York law enforcement to torture me. They drove me into the street. If the free dental coverage is going to be canceled, New York law enforcement knows about it. Hopefully, it’s not. 

The next reason New York law enforcement had my dental appointment canceled is that they want to break more of my teeth before the appointment. 

When I go to sleep New York law enforcement uses incapacitating agents on me (incapacitating agent on Wikipedia). Translation, they keep me sleeping with sleeping gas and then they break my teeth. They already broke three or four of my teeth. 

They also injected me in the face and stomach with who knows what. All I know is that they disfigured my face and stomach. I woke up with holes all over and bleeding multiple times. 

I reported it to every government agency in New York City, New York State, Nassau County, etc., and they can care less. It’s standard practice. 

Another reason New York law enforcement canceled my dental appointment is they were hoping I would complain or say it was the dental office’s mistake and I was there the correct day. I know better than that because New York law enforcement runs the same scams on me almost everywhere I go. For example, CUNY, HRA, USPS, etc. 

I always treat everyone with the utmost respect. Even when they are trying to pick fights with me. The reason is that New York law enforcement (federal, state, city) kills people and sets people up every single day. I don’t blame the people for selling me out. If they don’t sell me out they will be fired in one second flat or worse. 

Look how many NYPD police officers New York law enforcement is saying killed themselves. I’m sorry, I don’t believe all of them killed themselves. I suspect New York law enforcement kills cops who report them. It’s my opinion, I don’t have evidence. If the NYPD would like me to help them look into it, I’m willing to get involved. 

There are a few additional New York government workers I’m not going to mention who I suspect New York law enforcement killed. 

People don’t realize that New York law enforcement is like a crime factory. I’m out of time.

Use this information at your own risk. If you have an emergency call 911. I’m a civilian. 

By Mark Pine

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