Law Enforcement

The FBI just had their civilian team knock me out cold with sleeping gas on a bus.

I have gone to multiple hospitals and asked if they can test to see if I was knocked out with sleeping gas and they said no. The FBI, NYPD, and their civilian team use sleeping gas on people all the time. As soon as I started reporting it someone sabotaged my website. I don’t care, I’m going to keep reporting it. The FBI has already tried to have me committed to a mental hospital dozens of times and there is nothing wrong with me. The FBI has treated doctors to have me committed and they continue to let me go. There are cameras all over the place in the hospitals, you can’t just say someone is crazy when they are acting totally normal.

This is what I just posted across all my social media:

The FBI just had members of their civilian team knock me out with sleeping gas on the bus. When they spray me with a lot of sleeping gas my mouth gets dry when I wake up. If I call the police its another trip to the hospital in handcuffs. #sleepinggas

By Mark Pine

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