Law Enforcement

The FBI is threatening to murder me with drugs. People I know pay them to kill people.

People I know pay the FBI and NYPD to kill people. It’s a proven fact that the NYPD kills people. That can’t be disputed. The FBI and NYPD have drugged me thousands of times with every drug you can imagine. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t have a criminal record. I’m a full time college student at CUNY.

The FBI and NYPD had dozens of girls try and hook up with me to set me up. I like women. I also grew up with people who pay New York law enforcement to kill people. When they started sending girls to try and hook up with me I knew what it was so I didn’t fall for it.

Now they are teasing and threatening to murder me with drugs. They spray me with sleeping gas and knock me out. Then they place drug paraphernalia around me and take pictures to use as evidence after they murder me.

The other day I was about to go to the bathroom in a phone booth because I’m homeless. The FBI and NYPD have me under intense 24/7 surveillance because people I know paid them to either set me up or kill me.

Before I get to the phone booth to go to the bathroom a member of the New York law enforcement hate, lie, and scam team places drug paraphernalia in the phone booth. Before I saw it when I walked up to go to the bathroom a teenage girl wearing spandex and a short shirt runs behind me and starts recording and taking pictures.

She was holding her phone up to her head like she was having a conversation. Then after she was done recording me she started rubbing her head and sneering at me. I have no idea who this person is besides she works for the FBI helping them murder innocent people in New York City.

The FBI kills and sets people up seven days a week in my humble opinion. Google the word cointelpro if you want to learn more about it. I’m in the Fulton Street subway station right now writing this. The FBI and NYPD have members of their civilian hate team harassing me as I write.

By Mark Pine

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