Law Enforcement Opinion

The New York FBI has woman spraying me with sleeping gas from inside their pocketbooks.

This article is dedicated to all the innocent people who are locked up in the United States and around the world.

I’m on the bus minding my own business on my laptop doing schoolwork. I felt like I was being sprayed with sleeping gas. I look up and there is a young girl sitting there staring at me rubbing her head for like five minutes.

There is a woman behind me with the worst vibe you can imagine sitting with her bag open. I move seats across the bus. The one girl stops rubbing her head and the other woman closes her bag. I don’t feel like I’m being sprayed with sleeping gas anymore.

So basically people I know pay the New York FBI to have their civilian hate team follow me around and spray me with sleeping gas out of women’s pocketbooks. Your tax dollars at work.

By Mark Pine

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