Law Enforcement

The FBI and NYPD spray me with sleeping gas to make me look like I’m on drugs and to block me from studying.

People I know pay federal and state law enforcement to torture and kill people in New York. They have girls and women that will hook up with targets to set them up. They tamper with people’s food. They will have people spit in your face if they think it will make you react. 

The New York FBI and NYPD have people who work for them, I’m not saying all but some, who’s job is to commit dozens or hundreds of felonies per day. The people I know pay that crew of women and men. 

There are few ways that the New York FBI and NYPD spray me with sleeping gas (read about sleeping gas or incapacitating agents on Wikipedia). They will spray me with sleeping gas out of someone’s backpack. The other main way they spray me with sleeping gas is to spray it through openings in doors and walls. 

If you are a normal and productive person, I wish you the best. I’m not detailing that world. I’m detailing the world of people who work for the United States government, New York State government, and New York City government; who kill people. I’m not saying all, but there are people who work for the US government who are as evil or worse than any other country on the planet right now or ever. They can care less about a 14 year old girl being kidnapped who it is their job to protect. Instead they are tampering with someone’s food in a restaurant or spraying me with sleeping gas so I can’t study for school.

I’m not an expert on sleeping gas. I went to a few hospitals and said someone sprayed me with sleeping gas. They said there is no test to check. I’m surprised they can’t check your blood or something like that. 

There will be times when a member of New York law enforcement’s civilian hate team will be spraying me with sleeping gas in New York City out of a piece of luggage or backpack. I know they are doing it. They know they are doing it. There is absolutely nothing I can do. If I try to grab whatever type of contraption they are using to spray me with sleeping gas there will be literally twenty people jumping on top of me within seconds. They think I’m stupid. 

The officer’s I’m about to mention have nothing to do with my situation. I’m merely using them as a frame of reference. A member of the NYPD was convicted of sexually abusing infants and their mothers. A member of the NYPD was arrested for murdering his eight year old son. A member of the NYPD just shot and killed an unarmed person who he grew up with. A member of the NYPD was caught doing something foul in a minors back yard. I’m not saying all of them, but when the job is to ruin people’s lives for a check, you attract these kinds of individuals. 

In my humble opinion the biggest criminals in the city work for the government. A civilian couldn’t get away with the amount of crime someone who works for the government can get away with. Why do you think the government pays pensions? It’s so people keep their mouths shut about the crimes they see commited on a daily basis. Are you telling me that the US government can’t find people to work without paying them a pension? Google the word pension if you want to learn more about it. It’s totally ridiculous. The US government barely has the money to pay the  employees they have working now. Why are they paying their employees who are retired? 

One time I was at a restaurant in New York City. I was studying for school. A member of New York law enforcement’s civilian lie, scam, and hate team starts spraying me with sleeping gas. I call the NYPD. Two police officers from the NYPD 17th Precinct shows up. I told them that someone is spraying me with sleeping gas. 

I was acting completely normal. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I don’t have a criminal record. People use sleeping gas to rob people all the time. Thieves spray sleeping gas through vents to knock people out before a home invasion. The officers asked me to walk outside with them. The reason the NYPD officers asked me to walk outside is because I was acting normal and there were security cameras recording me respectfully speaking with them. 

Once we got outside they put me in handcuffs and called an ambulance. The ambulance arrived and took me to a nearby hospital. I remained calm the whole time. The hospital let me go within a few hours. 

The New York FBI and NYPD use sleeping gas on people 365 days a year. They spray me with it all the time. If you don’t believe that United States law enforcement is this evil that’s how they get away with it. Rich people I know pay the FBI to torture me. They call it cointelpro. 

The New York FBI and NYPD have tens of thousands of civilians or regular people working for them in New York City. They are running scams that are as bad or worse than anything you have ever seen in a movie. They use these people to set people up. Serve on juries. Tamper with people’s food. Any evil scenario you can imagine, they are probably doing it. I have been reporting this for around a decade.

By Mark Pine

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