Polite message to the Chancellor of CUNY about the New York law enforcement robbing me, torturing me, and trying to make up lies to have me kicked out of school.


Greetings Chancellor,

I love CUNY. It’s a great opportunity. I have been homeless for the last 5 years with New York law enforcement viciously torturing me. They physically attack me and rob me constantly including today. 

Sometimes I wake up feeling like I have been drugged with cuts and bruises on my body. I have had my property stolen and destroyed hundreds of times. I have been to the hospital and urgent care centers hundreds of times. 

I don’t mention a word about this to anyone at school besides here. 

Tonight I was just robbed again for my mobile phone in the Grand Central subway station. I suspect it was New York law enforcement. 

I want to go on the record because I’m an expert in New York law enforcement scams. I’m taking three classes right now. One of them has no online meetings and two of the classes meet online once per week. 

I politely asked both teachers if it’s OK if I can keep my microphone and video camera muted and just watch the classes. I can participate via email. I said I am homeless and didn’t get into anything about the police or anything like that. 

Both teachers said it’s OK. I just want to go on the record right now. I keep my video camera and microphone 100% muted the whole time and just watch the classes. I have no idea what New York law enforcement has in store for me next but I’m under attack. 

New York law enforcement has people try and pick fights with me every single day in the streets. They also put their hands on me and crash into me while recording me. They also have people run up to me and blow smoke in my face. 

For example, a girl crashed into me yesterday at the Grand Central subway station and started yelling at me for no reason. Then I see the same woman follow me into a store on East 23rd Street and Park Avenue South in New York City. New York law enforcement and their civilian team run these types of scams on me several times per day.

They are ruthless and they murder people so I guess I’m lucky to still be here. New York law enforcement has threatened me several times that they are going to shoot me up with drugs and murder me if I don’t allow them to quietly stip me of the little I have left. For example, they want me out of CUNY and off welfare so it’s easier for them to torture me.

I treat everyone at CUNY with the utmost respect at all times. Under the circumstances, I’m doing well at school. My attendance record is 100% and I have all my assignments turned in on time. 

I have a lot of homework so I’m going to get back to that. Tomorrow I have to spend more of my food money to replace what the NYPD just robbed from me.

Thank you and have a great day. 

Ever upward, 

Mark Pine

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