Email to the call center at my college about not being able to reach a professor.

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I appreciate all the amazing support from the Call Center email. The information is phenomenal. The reason I’m contacting is that I’m trying to find out if the form submitted on my behalf is the “Help Connecting to Course” form. That form was sent to me by my advisors and I didn’t fill it out. The reason is that I’m in contact with the English department.

For all I know the teacher might not have received my emails yet or he might be dealing with personal issues. I have no idea. I actually sent a link to that form to the English department and asked them if I should fill it out.

I have a feeling I will make contact with the professor in the next few days. Regardless if I do or not, I can always take the class next semester. This is why I always sign up for an extra class or two, just in case a situation arises.

I love CUNY. I couldn’t be happier to be here. CUNY is the best opportunity ever. I treat everyone at CUNY with the utmost respect at all times regardless of what’s going on. That is more important than anything.

I cover my bases via email, I’ve never reported a professor via form. I have the same teacher for another class Fall 2. I switched my major to journalism. Unless the English department tells me differently I don’t believe the form is necessary if it hasn’t been sent.

I would never want to upset a teacher and report them to the English department via complaint form when I’m in direct contact with the English department.

How can I find out if the below form was submitted on my behalf? I just want to make sure not to burn any bridges and treat everyone with the utmost respect.

One more time, I appreciate the amazing customer service from the Call Center email, I just want to make sure not to upset anyone.

Please advise.

Thank you and have a great day.

Ever upward,

Mark Pine

I love CUNY.

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