Email to my gym about the locker policy.

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First and foremost I would like to say that X gym runs an amazing gym and your staff is second to none. I treat your team with the utmost respect as I do everyone and that is more important than anything. I can imagine these are some tough times to deal with everything that is going on. 

I wanted to clarify a policy I learned about tonight. I was in the locker room and I saw one of your staff walking by. I asked him how come some of the open lockers were so close together? Was that by design? 

He informed me it’s because people are ripping the ties off the lockers. He then informed me that the lockers are 100% shut down. No social distancing with a few lockers open. He said no one is allowed to use the lockers until further notice. He said if I want I can leave my backpack with the front desk and leave my jacket on a coat hanger unlocked. 

Of course, I know that X gym goes above and beyond to create the ultimate atmosphere for its customers. I was under the impression that the locker rooms have a few open lockers with the majority of the lockers closed. 

Can you please confirm the locker policy. Are there a few lockers available for use or are they all closed until further notice? 

Please advise. 

Thank you and have a great day. 

Ever upward,

Mark Pine

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