Email to CUNY and others about not wanting to have access to students personal information.


First and foremost I treat all staff and students at CUNY with the utmost respect at all times. I love CUNY and I appreciate the opportunity to go to school without spending a penny upfront. I mostly keep to myself with students.

One of my teachers is asking me to join a group chat type of service.

I do not feel comfortable joining group chats with students. I have never used it before but when I received the request to join, I saw that there were students full names attached to each profile. In addition to that, I suspect there is other personal information being shared, for example, email addresses. Furthermore, I suspect there are going to be ways to contact students instead of just being able to contact teachers.

I’m homeless. I have had my phone and laptop stolen several times in the last five years. I have a police report in my backpack from the NYPD right now from my things recently being stolen. Every single MetroCard I was ever given from ASAP was stolen. I have had people go into all my email and social media accounts. I have had people take my debit card and swipe $500 on it in places I have never been to. Thankfully Chase Bank gave me back the money.

I don’t want access to student’s personal information. I don’t want to have access to contact students. I would never contact a student, regardless I don’t even want to have access.

I have the syllabus for the class. I have the teacher’s email. I have access to the zoom meeting. Why do I need a group chat with all the students? I’m not going out of my way to be difficult. I’m being cautious.

Every CUNY website says if there is a sexual harassment claim made against a person they are gone. If I don’t have to be exposed to student’s last names and contact information at school, why do I have to be exposed to it now? I don’t want access to students’ personal information. I don’t want anyone having my full name and email besides CUNY staff and teachers.

I have a 4.0 GPA after 27 credits living in the streets for the past 5 years. I have a place to shower and keep clean clothes. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I don’t have a criminal record.

Aren’t I what CUNY is all about? Someone going against all odds with almost nothing trying to lift themselves up? I would appreciate a little consideration in this matter.

One teacher already sent me every student in the class’s full name and email. Another teacher said I have to get on private video calls with women in the class. The other situation is the one I’m describing now with slack.

Why am I being forced to have information that I would never have at school? Why am I being forced into situations that, not for me because I keep to myself and I’m not at school to socialize, but for other people might lead to issues?

If there is a misunderstanding between a student and myself, who is everyone going to side with? A homeless person or anyone else? All I’m asking is to keep my information as private as possible and to be excused from group chats and private video calls with students’ personal information.

I study 7 days a week. School is my number one priority. I’m going to excel in class because I spend as much time as it takes. I don’t rush.

I have food (SNAP), cash assistance, health insurance, student loans, etc. all connected with my performance at school. I do not feel comfortable having access to students’ personal information when I’ve been robbed several times for my devices while sleeping in the streets.

I respect any decision that CUNY hands down. I’m going to continue to respectfully contact every person I can find who works for CUNY and the government because I don’t think this is an unreasonable request.

I’m going on the record that I do not want access to students’ personal information.

Please advise who I should contact at the school or CUNY regarding this matter. I politely asked the teacher if I could be excused from joining slack and he said no. I respect his position and I’m confident he is going to be a phenomenal teacher like all my professors at CUNY, but I don’t feel comfortable having access to students’ personal information and I don’t see why it’s so crucial to my success at school. I want to focus on my studies.

Last semester I was on a group forum on because the teacher assigned it. Within one week a girl sent me a message flirting. You can look it up unless someone erased it, I don’t have access to the student’s account to erase the message. I ignored it. If I sent that message to a female student, which I never would, it would have been deemed 100% inappropriate.

Please advise who I should contact at CUNY who has the ability to make a decision if I should be forced to be exposed to all the student’s personal information in my class. I have the teacher’s email and textbook. If I have the occasional question, I can contact the teacher via email. I don’t think it’s crucial to my education to be forced to be exposed to students personal information and contact information.

Thank you and have a great day.

Ever upward,

Mark Pine

I love CUNY.

By Mark Pine

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