Email to New York State Department of State Division Of Licensing Services. New York law enforcement is torturing me and trying to sabotage my real estate brokers license.

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Here is the email. Enjoy the negativity and be happy you’re not dealing with this.


Individuals I know pay New York law enforcement to viciously torture people including me. It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s well documented by credible sources that the US government, FBI, and police torture people. For example, COINTELPRO. If you Google what police officers have been arrested for recently the crimes include murder, rape, child abuse, drug dealing, etc. It’s undeniable that law enforcement is torturing people. If you never experienced it, be grateful. They tear me to pieces on a daily basis. I’ll never give up and I’m going to keep reporting New York law enforcement.

New York law enforcement had a bunch of women try to hook up with me to set me up. I’m sure they have caught a lot of men with that but after a while, it became so obvious. I had teenage girls contacting me on Facebook, Twitter, in the subway, at stores, at my college, etc. If I didn’t grow up with individuals that pay the police to ambush, set up, and sabotage people I might have fallen for it. 

After that didn’t work New York law enforcement started having women follow me around and pretend I’m following them. They have girls and women crash into me when I’m standing on the sidewalk. They have women shove their phones in my face on the subway. They have women cut me off. They have women run in front of me and pretend I’m chasing them. This is all with the police supervising. They have been doing it to me today. 

New York law enforcement also has women and men try to pick fights with me anyway they can. If I’m riding a bicycle, they will have people run in front of my bike. If I turn to the left there is a vehicle waiting to run me over. They have people cut me off with cars, etc. 

New York law enforcement has its civilian team try to pick fights with me in several other ways. For example, they cough, sneeze and spit in my face regularly. They also destroy and steal my property at least a few times per month. 

New York law enforcement has people constantly cutting me off and trying to crash into me anywhere I go. They have people follow me into stores, cut me off or crash into me, and then run to the manager and tell on me. 

New York law enforcement has people contact me non stop. They have people call and text me constantly with one scam after the next. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t pick up my phone. They have people send me messages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other services. They have people send me emails with one scam after the next. 

New York law enforcement also has drugged me hundreds of times. They put narcotics into water and throw it on me. They have people sneak up on me and blow smoke in my face. I have been to hospital emergency rooms hundreds of times. I have also been to urgent care centers dozens of times. I don’t tell the doctors and nurses about the police. I just give them one reason or another why I want to be checked out. When New York law enforcement drugs me my blood pressure is high. Before they drug me my blood pressure is normal. 

I suspect New York law enforcement is also recording all my calls. I’m just kidding, I know for a 100% fact they are. I treat everyone with the utmost respect at all times. The only times I argue with anyone is when I call law enforcement. When I see police in person I’m always friendly. After they drug and harass me all day, I call and they start teasing me on the phone. 

New York law enforcement plays very dirty on the phone. They will have teachers and staff from my college pick up police phones. They pretend they work for the NYPD and try to pick fights with me on the phone to have me kicked out of school.

New York law enforcement lives to take things out of context.

Mark Pine

New York law enforcement has girls they are using to try and set me up pick up official law enforcement phones and pretend they work for the police. Anytime I call the FBI, NYPD 911, and other government phone numbers my calls are forwarded to chronic caller operators or people they are trying to use to sabotage me. 

I have not spoken with a potential real estate client in years. When I do speak with a potential client I will treat them with the utmost respect and offer the best possible service. If someone were to approach me at this minute and want me to be their real estate broker I would refer them to a full-time broker. I would help anyway I could and let a full-time broker take the lead. I’m a full-time student so it would work better to have a broker involved who is 100% focused on real estate. 

Also, anyone who even thinks about doing business with me is immediately contacted by New York law enforcement and told 1 of 2 things. 

  1. Do not help Mark Pine in any way.
  2. Help us sabotage Mark Pine. 

I don’t have any criminal record. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. Besides arguing with law enforcement on the phone, I treat everyone with the utmost respect at all times. 

I love being a New York State real estate broker. I appreciate the privilege. I do everything by the book. I treat everyone with the utmost respect at all times. Anytime I transact business I act as if the New York State Department Of State, FBI, NYPD, NCPD, IRS, etc. are in the room.

Thank you and have a great day. 

Ever upward,

Mark Pine