My new email signature includes a paragraph about how New York law enforcement is torturing me.

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I created this new email signature while sitting in the street using the free WiFi and charging my devices. They have something called Link.NYC allows me to charge and have WiFi. I suspect New York law enforcement breaks the charging ports because they are the biggest haters in the city.

This is my new email signature:

Thank you and have a great day. 

Ever upward, 

Mark Pine

917-815-5415 (text is best)

Note: People I know pay New York law enforcement to torture me. It’s been going on for years. New York law enforcement and their civilian team attack me, tease me, destroy my property, steal my property, and drug me several times per day. New York law enforcement puts drugs in water and throws it on me. New York law enforcement also has civilians who work for them blow smoke in my face every day. Anytime I try to create videos New York law enforcement has people follow me around 24/7 and blast music to ruin my videos. I don’t have a criminal record. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I’m a full-time college student at CUNY. I have been homeless for 5 years with New York law enforcement torturing me. I’m not giving up. Hopefully one day they will be exposed. I have contacted the US Attorney, District Attorney, Manhattan Borough President, CCRB, Internal Affairs, NYC Comptroller, FBI, NYPD, DOI, City Council, and several others. New York law enforcement knows and can care less. They continue to viciously harass me. New York law enforcement also had several girls in their teens and twenties try and hook up with me. I didn’t fall for it. Now New York law enforcement has women shove their phones in my face in the street, crash into me while I’m walking, and follow me around and pretend I’m following them while acting scared.

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