The FBI and NYPD have civilians running into hospital emergency rooms and urgent care centers before me to lower my blood pressure readings.

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People I know pay New York law enforcement to torture me. One thing they do is drug me several times a day. The FBI and NYPD have been harassing me for so long it’s not annoying anymore unless they drug me and they know that. 

After the FBI, NYPD, and their civilian team drug me I go running to either an urgent care or hospital emergency room. Surprisingly, not one person has ever mentioned the black center of my eyes being huge. That is what happens after they drug me. 

YouTube video from Stanford Health Care – Stanford Doctor Discusses High Blood Pressure: What We Know Now and What We Need to Know

I tell the medical people I feel like I have high blood pressure or something like that. The new scam from New York law enforcement is to have several people run into either the urgent care or emergency room right before me so there is a wait before I am seen. This gives my body time to relax, the drugs the FBI and police used to drug me wear off a little, and my blood pressure reading is lower than it would normally be. 

YouTube video from Mayo Clinic – New Blood Pressure Guidelines: Mayo Clinic Radio.

New York law enforcement also sends civilians into urgent care centers and emergency rooms to try and pick fights with me. I’m not going to expose everything they do. One thing is they fake cough in my face and try to crash into me. 

YouTube video from Mount Sinai Health System – What is normal blood pressure? Use this information at your own risk.

New York law enforcement puts drugs in water and throws it on me. They also have people blow smoke in my face. There are millions of people out of work and the US government is spending billions of dollars nationwide so that law enforcement can torture, set up, sabotage, and murder people. 

YouTube video from Cleveland Clinic – Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure. Use this information at your own risk.

Disclaimers: I’m not a doctor. Use this information at your own risk. If you require medical attention call 911 or your doctor.

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