The New York FBI is drugging me several times per day and has drug addicts following me around pretending they know me. When they drug me the black part of my eyes gets big.

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I suspect people I know pay the New York FBI, NYPD, NCPD, and others to sabotage and murder people. I’m a civilian. This is my opinion. If you have an emergency call 911. Just because New York law enforcement tortures me doesn’t mean that will be your experience. I have called law enforcement to report the situation thousands of times. 

What I know for a fact is that New York law enforcement drugs me every day. They put narcotics into water and throw it on me and they have people blow marijuana smoke in my face. After New York law enforcement and their civilian scam team drug me, they take pictures and videos. They also have people try and pick fights with me. 

I have free health insurance from some government agency. I’m not sure who. I’m on public assistance. I go to urgent care centers and hospital emergency rooms every week multiple times. The FBI and police are trying to figure out how to have me banned so I can’t go. They want to make up some type of lies that I started an argument or something. 

Why would I give anyone an excuse to kick me out of somewhere when I need these places? The FBI and police have drugged me thousands of times for several years. They aren’t going to stop. There is someone blowing marijuana smoke in my face right now as I write this. I’m at the outdoor public area on East 37 Street and 3rd Avenue in Murray Hill, New York City. It’s Thursday, August 27, 2020, at 9:00 PM. 

New York law enforcement is trying to figure out how to either cancel my welfare and starve me to death. Kill me and say I killed myself. They tease me all the time that they are going to murder me with drugs. Or give me a heart attack. I woke up a few times with holes all over my stomach and I gained approximately 30 pounds in a month while on welfare, flat broke, with about $6 per day for food. 

I saw online that the US government and law enforcement calls it COINTELPRO when they torture people. It’s well documented that this has been going on for decades. I’m not giving up. Hopefully one day the people who work for the US government and torture innocent civilians like me will be rounded up and put in prison for life. I want to be there for that day. 

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