FBI and police bus scams.

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I want to give insight into how deranged United States law enforcement has become. Before I get into it, I have to ask a question. Would you believe a sergeant from the New York City Police Department 18th Precinct (Midtown North) was convicted of child abuse? He was directing mothers to sexually abuse their infants and send him pictures. 

If I wrote that before it was published on Justice.gov you probably would not have believed it. Would you believe an NYPD police officer was arrested for murdering his 8-year-old son? Those two officers don’t have anything to do with the bus scams, I’m just using them as examples of the type of individuals United States law enforcement attracts. 

I’m sitting in the vicinity of City Hall in New York City on my laptop writing this. New York law enforcement has members of their civilian lie and scam team harassing me now. They drug me every day. I go to hospital emergency rooms and urgent care centers and have my blood pressure checked several times a week because of it. I don’t tell the doctors and nurses that New York law enforcement is drugging me. 

When the US government, FBI, and police want to harass someone you have to understand they have billions of dollars. Most of us are living check to check. We are not plotting on how to harass people with almost unlimited time and resources. 

When a person US law enforcement is harassing takes a bus and is in a rush there is a simple scam they pull. Law enforcement will have a few cars drive in front of the bus so it has to slow down the entire trip. Then they will have people get on and off the bus at every single stop. 

They will take a quick and simple bus ride and turn it into the ride from hell. This might not seem like a big deal. My question is, why are they doing it? Also, this is the tip of the iceberg. US law enforcement, the FBI and police, are running hundreds of scams like this. Ambushing people, sabotaging companies, putting their own employees on juries, etc. 

There is more but I’m going to give the readers a little at a time because if I give too much people might not be able to digest it. Most people are normal good individuals and they don’t think in terms of how to torture and harass people. The US government, FBI, and police have lost their minds in my view. They will lecture people about crimes they committed when in my opinion there is no one breaking more laws than the US government. 

There are pre-teens and teenagers being kidnapped. In my opinion, US law enforcement can care less. Instead of spending more resources on protecting children, the US government is spending billions of dollars of our money to harass innocent civilians they don’t like. 

People I know pay law enforcement to torture me. They had dozens of girls try to hook up with me. They have people pick fights with me 7 days a week. They drug me every single day. 

Disclaimers: If you have an emergency call 911. Use this information at your own risk. I’m not an attorney. 

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