Do you know anyone who works in a restaurant or supermarket? Have you ever asked if law enforcement ever ordered them to tamper with someone’s food?

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If you know an individual who works at a restaurant or supermarket, ask them if law enforcement has ever tampered with the food. Of course, law enforcement doesn’t tamper with people’s food at every restaurant and supermarket. Some restaurants and supermarkets allow law enforcement to tamper with the food and others don’t. 

People I know pay law enforcement to sabotage, set up, and torture people including me. If you want to watch it, I post my location on social media every day. No member of the FBI or any police precinct will touch my civilian enemies and their law enforcement partners. The law enforcement they pay has access to commit crime without having to be concerned about any government interference nationwide. 

If you offered me $1 million to walk into any restaurant and have a meal I wouldn’t after everything I’ve seen. There are a lot of great restaurants that don’t tamper with the food. Regardless, I only buy food from supermarkets. I never go anywhere that a person has to hand me the food. 

When law enforcement tampers with the food, that doesn’t mean you are going to take one bite and drop dead or have your stomach pumped. From my experience, law enforcement likes to fly under the radar. They don’t want you to know. The damage will be gradual. If you are a target and you don’t know they are tampering with your food, they will keep on doing it little by little. 

I’m not naming names but I have to tell a story without giving up who it is. Someone I read about, who I don’t know personally nor have we ever met, is a slash and burn operator. What I mean is, if something is legal, it’s fair game. They don’t care about being a good person. If it’s legal and a bunch of people will be jammed up, that’s OK with this unscrupulous entrepreneur. 

What this person and a lot of people don’t know is that I suspect a number of the people who she or he burned were part of law enforcement’s civilian team. You can’t treat a massive amount of people like garbage and think some of them aren’t connected with law enforcement or the US government. Personally, I want to have a positive impact on society. I believe in God and karma so I would never do anything like that regardless if it’s legal.

What I’m trying to tell everyone is that the US government, FBI, and police have hundreds of thousands of people working for them in every state that are not official government employes. Google the word COINTELPRO if you want to learn about it. Long story short, I have no evidence or proof but I’m going to wrap up what I think happened to the person in my story. 

The person treated so many people like trash without realizing that some of the people work for the government. This person also didn’t realize that when the government is upset with you, they are coming for your food supply. They don’t just do that overseas. They do it here too. 

Sometimes the government might already have a contact at a restaurant or supermarket a target frequents. In other cases, they might approach the food establishment and make them a proposition. The FBI or police might say, they’ll send the place a bunch of new customers, get them an additional location, or be given preferential treatment with the health inspectors. If the restaurant says no, it’s not an issue. The FBI and police can have the people who refused their offer thrown into a dumpster head first. It’s no big deal. Just kidding. Use your imagination. What would you do? 

I suspect they got the person’s food supply. End of story. There is no way in hell anyone can figure out who I’m talking about. I’m not trying to scare anyone. The odds are that law enforcement isn’t tampering with the majority of people’s food. The flip side is, if you are outspoken about the government, they might be. I’m just alerting people to the reality that it happens. 

Disclaimers: If you have an emergency call 911. I’m not a doctor. I’m not a lawyer. Use this information at your own risk. Results are not guaranteed. All information is subject to change. Verify everything yourself. 

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