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Message to the financial aid office at CUNY. I’m actually not complaining about them if you can believe it. So far they have treated me like gold.

I’m complaining about everyone else.

Good Morning,

I just received an email showing my Tap has been removed for Fall 2020. Was that because of our conversation yesterday? I changed my mind and I’m going to try to earn 12 credits towards my major during Fall 2020. I’m signed up for 21 credits for Fall 2020. At least 15 credits count toward my major. All I need is 12 if I’m correct.

Also, the digital journalism class might count towards my major. I have to figure it out. If not I’ll try for 15 credits. For $700 it’s worth it. I’m working on school stuff every day during the break and studying. I’m not waiting for school to start. I have half of my books already and I’m studying for 5 hours or more per day now.

I appreciate all your help. The opportunity for someone in my position to go to school and get all the electronic equipment (laptops, phones, tablets, etc.) is amazing. I appreciate it as much or more than anyone. I want to maximize the opportunity and earn hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars before I graduate by doing marketing or creating a startup with crowdfunding. It might sound far fetched but I once sold an apartment at The Trump World Tower for $3.8 million that was owned by the President of the United States. I also recently got my New York State real estate brokers’ license back. Anything is possible, it’s still America. I believe in it.

I would love to show you and everyone at CUNY that I pay off all the debt in 1 check before I graduate and get a roof over my head. It would be a great story and I believe you would be proud of me after seeing how low I started from LOL.

Please advise when you are available.

Thank you and have a great day.

Ever upward,

Mark Pine

I love CUNY.

By Mark Pine

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