How to potentially succeed in math and other subjects at college and high school.

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In addition to your current studies, always study for the next year or next semester’s math in advance. Contact your school, math department, get videos, and books. Find out what information you can find out about the math you are going to have to learn next. 

The earlier you start, the more time your brain has to digest the material. You should be studying for high school math in middle school, college math in high school, and keep staying ahead of the game. Take your time, relax, and start absorbing the information at your own pace. Instead of following celebrities, playing video games, drinking, and vaping; spend time learning the next math you are going to have to face and studying for every subject early.

It’s August 2020 and my school doesn’t start until September 14, 2020. I contacted all my teachers, the various departments, and advisors at the CUNY college I attend in New York City. I gathered information about what math I’m going to be required to learn, and some of my teachers told me what textbooks to buy a month or more before class starts. 

Do you know how good it feels to be this far ahead of the game at school? It feels amazing. I like to keep school drama free at all times. I have a 4.0 GPA at college after 27 credits. Even if my GPA drops down to 3.5 in the future the main thing is I’m always ahead of the game and I’m never stressing. I can’t be as creative when I’m racing a school deadline at the last minute. 

When I’m assigned any type of homework, essay, etc. I jump on it immediately. I don’t care if it’s not due for a month or months. I’ll knock it out in a few days or a week. Then I will email it to the library, writing center, and my teacher. I always ask for the teacher’s permission if I can utilize the library and writing center before I send it to them. 

After I get the feedback, I upgrade the paper and submit it for an A. When people see you focusing on schoolwork and applying yourself, doors might open and you will have momentum on your side. I enjoy school and it’s definitely helping me become a better entrepreneur. In my humble opinion, nothing is difficult when you have extra time to spend with the material. There might be a lot of memorization in certain classes. Again, the more you forge ahead the better. 

I’ve been studying for Algebra and Trigonometry for more than a year before I signed up to take it. I’m not showing up for class and having the teacher drop the whole world on my head the first day and playing catch up the whole semester. That’s not how you succeed. Start studying now for everything and position yourself for success. 

More tips:

  1. When writing essays, I Google the phrase synonym for X. That way I don’t keep repeating the same words in my papers. To illustrate, I got the two words to forge ahead from that method. 
  2. If you don’t want to use a million pieces of paper when practicing math, you can use a tablet, or you can write in pencil and have a big eraser. That’s what I’m doing instead of writing in pen and going through loads of paper. 
  3. One final trick is when I write essays in Google Docs or Microsoft Word, I make the font size 14 or 18 so I can actually see what I’m writing. I have 20/20 eyesight. Regardless, the 12 font size is too small for me when I’m writing. I’ll change the font to 18 and then convert it back when I turn it in. Usually, teachers ask for a size 12 font. I find it more pleasurable to write in 18. 
  4. Research everything early, stop waiting until the last minute or when things are even close. 
  5. The world is not coming to an end. Position yourself for success. 
  6. I think everyone should obtain a real estate salesperson’s license. That’s is my humble opinion. 
  7. Research companies in your state, the US, and the whole world. See what people are doing to earn money. You might find something you like. 
  8. If you want to make a positive change in the world one idea is to land a job working for the government. 

Disclaimers: Use this information at your own risk. Results are not guaranteed. All information is subject to change. 

Message to the financial aid office at CUNY. I’m actually not complaining about them if you can believe it. So far they have treated me like gold.

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I’m complaining about everyone else.

Good Morning,

I just received an email showing my Tap has been removed for Fall 2020. Was that because of our conversation yesterday? I changed my mind and I’m going to try to earn 12 credits towards my major during Fall 2020. I’m signed up for 21 credits for Fall 2020. At least 15 credits count toward my major. All I need is 12 if I’m correct.

Also, the digital journalism class might count towards my major. I have to figure it out. If not I’ll try for 15 credits. For $700 it’s worth it. I’m working on school stuff every day during the break and studying. I’m not waiting for school to start. I have half of my books already and I’m studying for 5 hours or more per day now.

I appreciate all your help. The opportunity for someone in my position to go to school and get all the electronic equipment (laptops, phones, tablets, etc.) is amazing. I appreciate it as much or more than anyone. I want to maximize the opportunity and earn hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars before I graduate by doing marketing or creating a startup with crowdfunding. It might sound far fetched but I once sold an apartment at The Trump World Tower for $3.8 million that was owned by the President of the United States. I also recently got my New York State real estate brokers’ license back. Anything is possible, it’s still America. I believe in it.

I would love to show you and everyone at CUNY that I pay off all the debt in 1 check before I graduate and get a roof over my head. It would be a great story and I believe you would be proud of me after seeing how low I started from LOL.

Please advise when you are available.

Thank you and have a great day.

Ever upward,

Mark Pine

I love CUNY.

I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I don’t have a criminal record. I’m not killing myself. I am an investigative journalist. I am exposing the US and NYC government.

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I’m suing the US and NYC government. I’m 44 years young. I’m a full-time student at CUNY. I’m not killing myself. I’m healthy. People I know pay the FBI, NYPD, and others to torture me. It’s been going on for almost a decade. In one form or another, it’s been going on for longer.

Even though I’m a civilian, I interact with government employees for one reason or another every single day. I treat all US and NYC government personnel with the utmost respect in person, on the phone, and via email. The US and NYC government employees who my civilian enemies are paying are far removed from interacting with the public.

The US and NYC government staff who interact with the public are doing what they are told. If they don’t they are fired. It’s that simple. There are no whistleblowers at the US or NYC government. If someone working for the US government blows the whistle, the US government blows their head off, says they killed themself, gives them a heart attack, etc. My claims can be labeled a conspiracy theory. A person who actually is on the inside has credibility. That is why the US government put out those fires quickly. How many members of the NYPD allegedly killed themselves in the past few years? I don’t believe it. I volunteer to talk with the families and see what they say.

The United States government is guilty of almost everything they accuse other countries of doing. I want to see a change for the better. There are too many people with very little money, living check to check. We need more small businesses. I’m crowdfunding startups (they are not an investment opportunity) to try and make the world a better place. Of course, the odds are I’m going to fail, that is the reality of the situation. The reason I mention it is that I’m not only attacking what’s wrong with the world, but I’m also trying to improve it. 

US and NYC government dirty work that I have begun to expose with this website includes the following:

  1. I suspect the US and NYC government have off the books civilians serving on juries. You can quote me on that. Tell them Mark Pine said it. When a defense attorney goes to pick a jury, every single person is working for the US government and law enforcement. Not every case, the ones they care about. Who is stopping them? Who is overseeing it? Who is going to tell them no? How does the process regarding who is contacted for each jury work? Is it some type of blockchain, randomized, uncrackable system? Or is it just a person sending out envelopes? I have a bunch of lawsuits coming up and writing this probably isn’t going to help. This is America and I’m exercising my freedom of speech.
  2. The US and NYC government is tampering with people’s food. I suspect they are tampering with almost everyone’s food in one way or another. They are also directly tampering with people’s food who they don’t like. Specifically COINTELPRO victims and me. 
  3. The US and NYC government, FBI, and NYPD have civilian girls and women hooking up with people to set them up. They tried to do it to me. There is not one person on this earth who will side with the man. These girls would have been totally normal and believable if they weren’t corrupted by the US government. The women have been offered major incentives to ruin innocent people’s lives. Houses, condos, apartments, easy jobs (sometimes with pensions), clothes, cash, cars, etc. 
  4. Before I go any further, the US government kills and sets up both women and men. They use all the same tricks on both. The only difference is they use the girls hooking up and setting up guys on men more than women. They will have guys seduce women and probably set them up in other ways besides saying the women raped the man. For example, they will have a man poison a woman, destroy evidence, drug her, discredit her, etc. 
  5. The US and NYC government pension system is a scam. The US and NYC government can care less if every one of their employees drops dead right now. The US and NYC government are paying salaries with money they don’t have to their former employees to keep them quiet about the lies and scams. The US and NYC government are using our money to pay people to keep quiet about stabbing us in the back. Are you telling me that people who work for the government won’t take the job if there isn’t a pension? Who pays pensions anymore? How much debt is this country in? We are cutting back on staff and services and simultaneously paying salaries to people who haven’t worked in decades? What planet does that make sense on? They are only paying them to keep their mouths shut. Let’s hook them up to lie detector test and find out if I’m right. I’d also like to hook up NYC politicians, FBI, and NYPD bosses to a lie detector test and ask them a few questions. I’m not saying all of them are bad, I’d like to find out what they know. 
  6. I have exposed the NYPD or the whole United States police system for police reports. When I want to obtain a police report I have two options. I can go to a police precinct or call 911 and have the police visit my location. I want a third option. I want to be able to have a video call that can be scheduled by appointment with the NYPD. When I want to report something to the police I want a recorded video call. I have gone for police reports at dozens of precincts throughout the years and the police won’t look at any evidence or issue a report. Plus they try to intimidate me. I was drugged in the lobby of the NYPD 19 precinct, NYPD 108 precinct, and others. I filed a notice of claim to sue the NYPD with the New York City Comptroller’s office. I already had the first hearing. They tried to make me look stupid and I didn’t fall for it because I never do. I remained calm, cool, and collected. 
  7. The US government, FBI, and police are killing people and saying they overdosed on drugs. That is even if the target doesn’t use drugs at all. For example, me. The FBI, NYPD, and their civilian team drug me all the time. They put narcotics in water and throw it on me, they have people blow smoke in my face in the street, and more. I don’t mention a word of this to the doctors, physician’s assistants, and nurses when I go to the emergency room at hospitals. I tell them I feel like I have high blood pressure. Sometimes they say my blood pressure is perfect. Other times they say it’s slightly high. For example, yesterday they said my blood pressure was high. My blood pressure was high because the FBI, NYPD, and their civilian team are drugging me every single day. I don’t ask for drug tests anymore because they always say my urine is clean when I know it’s not. 
  8. The US government voting system is a scam. We should be able to vote on our computers and laptops. They already know who we all are anyway. The US government knows if they let us vote from our computers that we will get more involved with the process. They don’t want that. Are you trying to tell me that the big technology titans can’t figure out how to create a voting system from our computers? 

There is a lot more so stay tuned. If you have an emergency call 911. I’m not a doctor. I’m not a lawyer. Use this information at your own risk. Results are not guaranteed. All information is subject to change. Verify everything yourself. I don’t work for the government, if I did I would blow the whistle everyday.