I would like to conduct a study that would give 1,000 New York City restaurant and supermarket staff a lie detector test. I’d ask if New York law enforcement ever ordered them to tamper with someone’s food.

I have to work out the details. I suspect that New York law enforcement has asked a percentage of New York City restaurant staff to tamper with people’s food. I want to know how many. I’m not naming restaurants in this blog post. 

The way I imagine the study working is I advertise that I’m paying X amount of dollars to give lie detector tests to individuals who have worked in restaurants or supermarkets in New York City for X amount of time. The pay has to be a decent amount of money. I’m not sure how long it would take to conduct each lie detector test plus transportation distance. I imagine the whole thing will consume about half a day for each restaurant and supermarket employee. 

If I offered a generous amount of money for half a day’s work and no one showed up that would say a lot. If the money is good enough to entice restaurant and supermarket staff to try to beat the lie detector test, then that is up to the person in charge of the lie detector to figure out. Or maybe they don’t have to beat it and law enforcement isn’t asking people to tamper with the customer’s food in restaurants and supermarkets. 

I think it might be best to have a few lie detector test operators just to be safe so that New York law enforcement doesn’t try to manipulate them. If it turns out that New York law enforcement is asking a percentage of restaurant and supermarket staff to tamper with people’s food, hopefully, it will bring awareness to the situation and we can try to figure out how to stop it. I’m not naming names of restaurants because I don’t want to be sued. Hopefully, no New York City restaurants and supermarkets are tampering with people’s food.

This is going to be an expensive study. I am going to need attorneys to make sure I limit my liability. Of course lie detector operators. Money to pay the restaurant and supermarket staff. Plus any other additional expenses I might not be thinking of. If anyone has the money to burn and wants to expose New York law enforcement, take the idea and do it yourself or contact me. 

Disclaimers: Use this information at your own risk. Results are not guaranteed. All information is subject to change. Verify everything yourself. I’m a civilian and I don’t work for the government. I’m not a doctor. I’m not an attorney. This is for entertainment purposes only. This is not an investment opportunity. 

By Mark Pine

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