People I know pay New York law enforcement to torture me. They drug and harass me every single day in New York City.

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Rich people I know pay New York law enforcement to harass me every day. I have a lawsuits filed against New York law enforcement. They can care less and won’t stop harassing me. I have a 4.0 GPA at CUNY after 27 credits. I don’t have a criminal record. I have contacted every law enforcement and government agency in New York City and beyond about the situation. I always treat everyone at CUNY, HRA, the NYC Comptroller’s Office, etc., with the utmost respect at all times because I’m a respectful person. I’m also walking on eggshells because New York law enforcement wants to starve me to death because I didn’t fall for any of their set up traps you’re about to read about. My HRA public assistance case is connected to my college performance. To receive benefits I have to maintain a certain GPA, attendance record, and amount of credits per semester. 

  1. New York law enforcement had several young girls try to hook up with me. I didn’t fall for it. 
  2. New York law enforcement has women follow me around and pretend I’m following them.
  3. New York law enforcement has women crash into me and stick their phones in my face while acting like they are under attack. 
  4. New York law enforcement has women and men try and pick fights with me.
  5. New York law enforcement has people blow marijuana smoke in my face multiple times every single day including today. I have been to the emergency room of several New York City hospitals dozens or hundreds of times. Whoever decided to give free health insurance to homeless people saved me hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. When I go to the hospitals I do not mention a word about law enforcement, I just explain the symptoms. 
  6. New York law enforcement and their civilian team continue to steal and destroy my property. They scratch and break the screen on every single electronic device I buy. They break all the charging chords for my electronic devices. They rip my clothes. 
  7. New York law enforcement is trying to sabotage my public assistance case with HRA. My recertification date was moved from November 2020 to December 2020. Now my student loans will land into my Chase Bank account the same exact day as my recertification. I have filed paperwork with the New York City Comptroller’s Office to sue HRA. I have contacted the Commissioner of HRA’s office via public web form. I suspect HRA tried to call me about the situation. I never pick up my phone because New York law enforcement has people call me constantly trying to run scams on me. Someone from HRA then emailed me and asked me to call. I politely said I feel more comfortable communicating via email. I kindly asked if my student loans are going to affect my public assistance case. They never did before because the student loans arrive after my recertification. Now that New York law enforcement had my recertification date moved I can’t get an answer about what the consequences are going to be. This winter everything is going to be closed. I need that money or I’m going to freeze to death. I can’t go to a homeless shelter. The last time I was at a homeless shelter New York law enforcement had their civilian team torture me from the second I walked through the door 24/7 until I left. They would not let me sleep for 1 second. They harassed me around the clock. Basically exactly what they do now but it’s worse at a homeless shelter because at least on the street I can move around. 
  8. I highly suspect New York law enforcement had at least one women try to pick a fight with me in one of my classes at college. I was talking to a teacher and a woman jumps into the conversation. I have absolutely no idea who the person was. She starts yelling and screaming at me in the class. There is a CUNY security camera in the classroom pointing directly at us. I ignore the person and move to another desk on the other side of the room. I report the incident to the security office at school and they said the video camera was broken that day. They can’t retrieve the video.
  9. New York law enforcement shut down my web marketing business. They told my clients I was under investigation for being a child molester, drug dealer, and stalker. 
  10. People I know from Long Island, New York have been paying New York law enforcement to torture people and I suspect worse for decades.

The New York FBI, NYPD, and their civilian team told me they are going to murder me with drugs and they are drugging me every single day.

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YouTube video: The FBI and police are killing people every day and lying saying they are overdosing.

They are also trying to have my welfare case canceled. I have contacted every single NYC government agency and they can care less. People I know from New York pay the FBI to torture me. They have a term for it, it’s called COINTELPRO. The US government, FBI, and police have been exposed by credible sources for torturing people for decades. I’m confirming they are doing it to me now in New York City.

After the New York FBI, NYPD, and their civilian team drug me they have women and men pick fights with me for the rest of the day. They also have young girls follow me around, pretend I’m following them, and act like they are scared while New York law enforcement supervises the whole time.

Every single day I post the locations where I’m at. I post that New York law enforcement is torturing me. I call every single New York City government phone number. I email every NYC government email. They will not stop harassing me. There are literally thousands of people who know me from throughout the years who know about the situation.

The issue is that there is no one to complain to because my civilian enemies pay the FBI and police. There is no federal or state law enforcement I have not called to ask for help and they hang up the phone on me. They also have staff from my college and girls they are trying to use to set me up pick up official law enforcement phone lines, pretend they work for law enforcement, and try to pick fights with me on the phone. That is after they drug me and pick fights with me in the street all day.

The New York FBI, NYPD, and their civilian team also have drug addicts follow me around, try to pick fights with me, and pretend they are with me while New York City law enforcement records and takes pictures. If I use a public restroom anywhere in New York City it immediately becomes a drug convention with New York law enforcement and their civilian team recording the whole thing.

I am a full-time college student at CUNY with a 100% attendance record. I don’t drink, smoke, or party. I don’t do anything illegal. I don’t have a criminal record. I’m not giving up but this is ridiculous. Every single day when I’m trying to study for school New York law enforcement and their civilian team keep drugging me. Not one day goes by when they don’t drug me multiple times per day.

YouTube video: People I know pay New York law enforcement to torture me.