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New York City Council phone scam.

I’m not naming names because even though the person is a member of the New York City Council, I don’t want to take a chance of being sued for defamation. People I know pay New York law enforcement to torture me. New York law enforcement goes behind the scenes of every New York City government agency and sabotages me. HRA, DMV, CUNY, etc. I have been homeless for 5 years. I don’t drink, smoke, or party. I don’t have a criminal record. Regardless of how they treat me, I always treat everyone with the utmost respect. 

The only time I have ever broken the treat everyone with respect rule is a few times on the phone with law enforcement. Now New York law enforcement wants to use the audio to strip me of everything. If you work for a soup kitchen either you can let New York law enforcement tamper with my food, you can go home, or you can be homeless next. Needless to say, I don’t want to lose my public assistance, student loans, or anything I’m holding onto that New York law enforcement is using their unlimited resources to pull out of my hands. I like going to supermarkets and not being poisoned every day. 

New York law enforcement and their civilian hate team drug me and then proceed to harass me for hours. The last time they did it was today. I call various law enforcement numbers to report it and they pick fights with me on the phone. We used to argue until someone hung up. I don’t fall for it anymore. I still call law enforcement thousands of times per month but I don’t bicker with them anymore. I know they aren’t helping me, I’m just calling to document the situation via phone records, etc., just in case something happens. For example, if New York law enforcement has a member of their civilian scam team following me in their car and they run someone over or crash into another vehicle.

New York law enforcement has all the audio of me arguing with them from the past and they are chomping at the bit to use the audio out of context. The sworn members of New York law enforcement that my civilian enemies pay to torture me are the biggest liars in the world. They have the audio three separate ways. 

  1. They have my phone recorded. 
  2. They have their phones recorded. 
  3. They have people following me around recording me in the street with their phones while I’m on the phone. I’m always outside because I’m homeless.

Today I called a member of the New York City Council’s office. A person picked up the phone and put the phone on speaker. I started to report how New York law enforcement was sabotaging me with the Human Resources Administration (HRA). After I hung up I said to myself that is the last time I ever discuss any of this on the phone. I know New York law enforcement has that call recorded and they will try to use it and say I was on the phone with someone else and any other lie they can use to sabotage my case. The person from the New York City Council office has absolutely no intention of contacting or helping me. They were just helping New York law enforcement gather the audio they require to sabotage me. 

I’m going to be completely honest. New York law enforcement has made it very clear that I will never get my hands on another penny outside of student loans and public assistance. If I pull a miracle and figure out how to obtain any additional money before they sabotage everything, they let me know they will shoot me up with drugs and murder me. This is what I live with every day. It’s a hell of a proposition. No matter what they say I’m not giving up. I only have one life and I’m going to give it my all even if I have the devil breathing down my neck. 

New York law enforcement had HRA change my public assistance case recertification date from November 2020 to December 2020. I don’t understand how they didn’t realize that I would notice. They run one scam on me after the next. I was told by the staff at CUNY that I can receive student loans while on public assistance. I’ve received about $10 thousand dollars throughout the past year while on public assistance. It might sound like a lot but I have to keep buying the same things over and over. New York law enforcement either steals or breaks everything I buy. Laptops, phones, clothes, MetroCards, etc. 

Normally I would recertify my case and then the student loan money shows up a month later. Of course, New York law enforcement figured out that if they could push my case back a month the money would land into my account at the same time as my public assistance case recertification. I don’t know what the rules are so I filed a Notice of Claim (I’m not an attorney) with the New York City Comptroller’s office to sue HRA. I also contacted a few other NYC government agencies about it including HRA. No one contacted me back until they received word from the New York City Comptroller’s office that I am preparing to file a lawsuit. 

Someone from HRA contacted me and refused to provide the answer unless we have a phone call. I said with all due respect I feel more comfortable communicating via email. All New York law enforcement needs is a few minutes of audio with someone from CUNY or HRA and me, then they can edit in the audio of me cursing out someone from the NYPD and I’m finished. I know New York law enforcement would never do that. Of course not. 

If you don’t believe this goes on I invite you to Google what members of law enforcement in the US have been arrested for in the past few years. Murder, rape, child abuse, drug dealing, etc. Crimes that your brain can not even process they are so evil. Regardless I still treat everyone respectfully including New York law enforcement who tortures me every day along with their civilian lie and scam team. 

By Mark Pine

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