New York City Council phone scam.

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I’m not naming names because even though the person is a member of the New York City Council, I don’t want to take a chance of being sued for defamation. People I know pay New York law enforcement to torture me. New York law enforcement goes behind the scenes of every New York City government agency and sabotages me. HRA, DMV, CUNY, etc. I have been homeless for 5 years. I don’t drink, smoke, or party. I don’t have a criminal record. Regardless of how they treat me, I always treat everyone with the utmost respect. 

The only time I have ever broken the treat everyone with respect rule is a few times on the phone with law enforcement. Now New York law enforcement wants to use the audio to strip me of everything. If you work for a soup kitchen either you can let New York law enforcement tamper with my food, you can go home, or you can be homeless next. Needless to say, I don’t want to lose my public assistance, student loans, or anything I’m holding onto that New York law enforcement is using their unlimited resources to pull out of my hands. I like going to supermarkets and not being poisoned every day. 

New York law enforcement and their civilian hate team drug me and then proceed to harass me for hours. The last time they did it was today. I call various law enforcement numbers to report it and they pick fights with me on the phone. We used to argue until someone hung up. I don’t fall for it anymore. I still call law enforcement thousands of times per month but I don’t bicker with them anymore. I know they aren’t helping me, I’m just calling to document the situation via phone records, etc., just in case something happens. For example, if New York law enforcement has a member of their civilian scam team following me in their car and they run someone over or crash into another vehicle.

New York law enforcement has all the audio of me arguing with them from the past and they are chomping at the bit to use the audio out of context. The sworn members of New York law enforcement that my civilian enemies pay to torture me are the biggest liars in the world. They have the audio three separate ways. 

  1. They have my phone recorded. 
  2. They have their phones recorded. 
  3. They have people following me around recording me in the street with their phones while I’m on the phone. I’m always outside because I’m homeless.

Today I called a member of the New York City Council’s office. A person picked up the phone and put the phone on speaker. I started to report how New York law enforcement was sabotaging me with the Human Resources Administration (HRA). After I hung up I said to myself that is the last time I ever discuss any of this on the phone. I know New York law enforcement has that call recorded and they will try to use it and say I was on the phone with someone else and any other lie they can use to sabotage my case. The person from the New York City Council office has absolutely no intention of contacting or helping me. They were just helping New York law enforcement gather the audio they require to sabotage me. 

I’m going to be completely honest. New York law enforcement has made it very clear that I will never get my hands on another penny outside of student loans and public assistance. If I pull a miracle and figure out how to obtain any additional money before they sabotage everything, they let me know they will shoot me up with drugs and murder me. This is what I live with every day. It’s a hell of a proposition. No matter what they say I’m not giving up. I only have one life and I’m going to give it my all even if I have the devil breathing down my neck. 

New York law enforcement had HRA change my public assistance case recertification date from November 2020 to December 2020. I don’t understand how they didn’t realize that I would notice. They run one scam on me after the next. I was told by the staff at CUNY that I can receive student loans while on public assistance. I’ve received about $10 thousand dollars throughout the past year while on public assistance. It might sound like a lot but I have to keep buying the same things over and over. New York law enforcement either steals or breaks everything I buy. Laptops, phones, clothes, MetroCards, etc. 

Normally I would recertify my case and then the student loan money shows up a month later. Of course, New York law enforcement figured out that if they could push my case back a month the money would land into my account at the same time as my public assistance case recertification. I don’t know what the rules are so I filed a Notice of Claim (I’m not an attorney) with the New York City Comptroller’s office to sue HRA. I also contacted a few other NYC government agencies about it including HRA. No one contacted me back until they received word from the New York City Comptroller’s office that I am preparing to file a lawsuit. 

Someone from HRA contacted me and refused to provide the answer unless we have a phone call. I said with all due respect I feel more comfortable communicating via email. All New York law enforcement needs is a few minutes of audio with someone from CUNY or HRA and me, then they can edit in the audio of me cursing out someone from the NYPD and I’m finished. I know New York law enforcement would never do that. Of course not. 

If you don’t believe this goes on I invite you to Google what members of law enforcement in the US have been arrested for in the past few years. Murder, rape, child abuse, drug dealing, etc. Crimes that your brain can not even process they are so evil. Regardless I still treat everyone respectfully including New York law enforcement who tortures me every day along with their civilian lie and scam team. 

Message to the New York City Human Resources Administration regarding my December 2020 public assistance case recertification.

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I always treat everyone at HRA, CUNY, and the NYC Comptrollers office with the utmost respect at all times. HRA is sabotaging me because New York law enforcement are forcing them and it’s not personal. 

Someone from HRA contacted me regarding the paperwork I filed with the NYC Comptroller’s office to sue HRA. This is part of the message I sent: 

I would appreciate if we can interact via email so everyone is on the same page. I have been told by the CUNY EDGE office and the staff at the Waverly Job Center HRA West 14th Street in New York City that my benefits will not be affected by student loans. I have already received $10 thousand cash from student loans during the past year while on public assistance. 

Have the rules changed? Is it going to be an issue that my recertification date has been moved from November 2020 to December 2020 and my student loans will now show up on my Chase Bank recertification statements when before it showed up the month after? 

The HRA representative requested a phone call. I would prefer to communicate via email. 

Please let me know if there is anyone who is able to answer my question via email. That is the way I feel comfortable communicating in addition to in person. 

Thank you and have a great day.

Ever upward,

Mark Pine

It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s the US government, FBI, and others.

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People I know pay New York law enforcement to torture me so now I’m an investigative journalist. They can’t torture me any worse than they already are so I might as well try and warn people whats going on. Also, I’d like to try and improve the situation. Some of what I’m about to write I’ve seen with my own eyes and part of the article are my opinions. 

These officers don’t have anything to do with what I’m about to write. The reason I include them is to bring you into the world I’ve been dragged into. I want to provide examples of the types of individuals that New York law enforcement and United States law enforcement attracts. 

These are the people who are supposed to be protecting us. Again, the following NYPD doesn’t have anything to do with my situation or what I’m writing about, the reason I’m including them is to show members of law enforcement who have been arrested or convicted for heinous crimes. This is the tip of the iceberg: 

  1. NYPD Sergeant Alberto Randazzo. Read about him at your own risk. According to the United States Department of Justice website, “Former New York City Police Department Sergeant Sentenced To 28 Years In Prison For Conspiring To Sexually Exploit Children. Alberto Randazzo Directed Victims’ Mothers to Molest Their Children and Send Him Images of the Abuse.” I want to create a video about NYPD Alberto Randazzo and others. If you want to see me make it happen you can donate to my (this is not an investment opportunity). 
  2. NYPD Michael Valva. Arrested for murdering his 8-year-old son. “‘They were literally begging for food’: Prosecutors describe Michael Valva’s abuse of son,” written by New York Post journalists Lorena Mongelli and Gabrielle Fonrouge. Mr. Valva was arrested, not convicted. His case is ongoing. You can read the New York Post article about NYPD Michael Valva if you click this link.

I’m not saying all law enforcement is bad. You have law enforcement that is good but keep quiet about the corruption they see because if they report it they might feel as if they would be at risk. You have law enforcement who don’t care about anything and just want an easy check. Finally, there are federal and state law enforcement who are the definition of evil. The US government and law enforcement are extraordinary for judging the character of potential employees. Every once in awhile they hire someone with morals who won’t keep quiet. That’s when sworn law enforcement officers allegedly start “killing themselves.” 

  1. NYPD Joseph Recca. The New York Daily News journalists Esha Ray and Graham Rayman reported,  “Arrested Fatal overdose leads to Long Island drug ring takedown, NYPD cop arrested.” Mr. Recca was arrested, not convicted. His case is ongoing. You can read the New York Daily News article about NYPD Joseph Recca if you click this link.

In my opinion, the way the US government works is as follows. You have the people in charge that nobody knows for sure who they are and they aren’t advertising it as far as I can see. Maybe as I become a more seasoned investigative journalist I’ll figure out who they are. I also have to be careful about civilian’s I write about because I don’t want to get sued. I need to hire attorneys to guide me when I have the funds. 

The next in command after the secret power players who control everything is the military and law enforcement. That is the muscle that keeps everyone in line. They protect the power players. Finally you have the courts and the politicians coming in at number three. Yes, I said it. Law enforcement is above the courts and politicians in my view. If you have an emergency call 911. 

If the FBI and police refuse to investigate a crime, who is going to do it? Someone at the US Attorney or District Attorney’s office? They are going to run around, question people, and look at security video? Are they are going to snitch on federal and state law enforcement? If you said yes to any of those questions please let me know what planet that happens on? Congress is going to run the streets and investigate a crime? 

From what I’ve seen when the FBI, police, federal and state law enforcement say no, it’s a wrap and everyone who works for the government shuts the hell up. Do we have free speech in America? Here is some for you courtesy of Mark Pine. I don’t work for the government, I’m a civilian. People I know pay the top law enforcement in America to torture me and that’s my estimation after having dealt with the federal and state government for almost a decade trying to have law enforcement stop harassing me. It hasn’t worked, New York law enforcement harasses me every day. 

The New York FBI, NYPD, and others drug me every single day. They put narcotics in water and throw it on me. They have people sneak up on me and blow smoke in my face. They throw laxatives on me. They use incapacitating agents on me. 

The US government staff that is involved in the worst abuse of the human race that the world has ever seen have weird ways of mentally justifying what they do to themselves:

  1. If they snitch on the US government they will be killed. In my humble opinion, the US government will kill their own employees quicker than a civilian. One of their own has more credibility than someone like me on the outside looking in. Any citizen who complains about the government is labeled a conspiracy theorist. They can’t discredit their own employees as easily. That is why the US government pays pensions. They give their employees a salary for life in addition to their social security to keep their mouths shut. 
  2. The US government has created such a miserable existence for its own staff that they want to take it out on complete strangers. 
  3. They lie to themselves and say by torturing innocent US civilians who upset the wrong person that they are defending the country. In reality, they are abusing innocent people for money. 
  4. Life is hard. It’s difficult to earn money, the government prints money. If you sell your soul to them, they will let you have an easy life. The only thing they can’t control is your conscience. That will eventually eat you alive. 

While I’m writing this the speed of my internet has lowered from fast to medium. The New York FBI does that to me every single day. There is also a 15 to 30-second delay on every sentence to write. I type a sentence and then it shows up much later. The New York FBI goes into every single one of my email and social media accounts. They impersonate me and sabotage everything I do online. 

I have a 4.0 GPA at college with a 100% attendance record after 27 credits. Sometimes I will be writing a 3 sentence email and I’ll proofread it a few times to make sure it doesn’t include any typos. By the time I proofread it and click send 1 or 2 typos will magically appear in the email. That has happened hundreds of times. 

If anyone from law enforcement or the US government is reading this I’d like to share a few thoughts for you. If you study hard for school you probably will get better grades than if you don’t study. If you eat healthily, you might have a better chance of being healthy than if you eat junk food every day. Of course, nothing is guaranteed and I’m not a doctor or attorney. All I’m saying is that if we try we might succeed. 

The message I’m trying to share is that deep down you know what you’re doing is wrong. Do you really think that torturing and abusing innocent people is going to lead you somewhere good? The originators of COINTELPRO have probably died of old age. I have no criminal record nor do I do anything illegal. This is not a threat. I’m talking about God and karma. Eventually, there is a chance you’re going to have to experience, feel, and taste the pain you have inflicted on others. It might be greatly magnified. You might wake up in a nightmare that you can’t escape. Deep down you know that. 

The US government has hundreds of thousands of women and men running scams for them that are beyond your imagination. They are tampering with people’s food, setting people up, picking fights with people, serving on juries, spying on people, crashing into cars, running people over, and killing people. Question for the US government, can you please stop it and let’s go back to normal? Can you help us and not sabotage us?

If you are a good and moral person who wants to make a change try landing a job with the US government. Just be careful because they might ask you to look the other way while they torture someone. The US government might ask you to ruin an innocent person’s life. If you don’t do what they say they might kill you (that’s my opinion). 

I have several examples of US government and NYC government employees I suspect might have been killed for snitching on the government. There is a Time article by Tara Law that I haven’t read entitled, “New York City Police Officer Dies By Suicide — the 10th NYPD Suicide in 2019.” You can read the Time article about members of the NYPD killing themselves if you click this link.

I’m not saying all of them but I suspect a few of them were killed for snitching on the federal and state government. If any family of the officers is reading this please let me know if you agree with me. The best way to reach me is by text (917) 815-5415 or via Facebook Messenger. Of course, the FBI and NYPD send one person after the next to contact me and try and set me up so I’m always suspect of people who contact me. Please try and make the evidence convincing and I might create an article about it. 

The last thing I want to write about is what goes on at night with federal and state law enforcement. I could easily write a few more hours but I have school work even though online classes don’t start for a few weeks. I found information online so I can start to study now and get ahead of the game with my studies. 

Back to the post, what is New York law enforcement doing at night? I’ve called the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York office at night. There have been instances when they insulted me for no reason. Other times I felt like they were sleeping when I called and I woke them up. If you don’t believe me look at the video if there is one. How many members of New York law enforcement are being paid to sleep at night? If not sleep, sit around the precinct and play with the internet and their phones instead of keeping us safe.

If you are one of the secret power players who control everything or if you are the person in charge my message is let’s turn it around. What is the point of holding people down? Life goes by so fast anyway. In the blink of an eye, I’m 44. Why generate negative energy when you can create positive? You’re never going to convince me this is the correct way. I have a suspicion before it’s all said and done by the time it’s too late the worst abusers arrive at the realization that what they did was wrong. Why are there so many people suffering in the world? It makes no sense. My goal is to try and have a positive impact on society and be successful. Having a positive impact doesn’t always mean money, all you have to do is treat people the way you want to be treated.

Disclaimers: Use this information at your own risk. Results are not guaranteed. I’m not an attorney. I’m not a doctor. Verify everything yourself. The New York FBI and NYPD impersonate me online all the time. All information is subject to change. I’m a civilian, I don’t work for the government. New York law enforcement reads every single one of my articles and watches all my videos.