I’ve arrived at the realization that I’m an investigative journalist.

YouTube video: New York City investigative journalism.

I want to have a positive impact on society and be successful. In addition to crowdfunding startups (not an investment opportunity) and marketing, I realize I’m a full blown investigative journalist. I can not be bought for $100 billion. I believe in karma and treating everyone with the utmost respect. 

I understand that it is difficult to determine who is real and who is pretending to be an investigative journalist but is really working for a government agency. There are magnificent investigative journalists and there are COINTELPRO journalists. Individuals whose job is to confuse, distract, and turn people off. I don’t know how readers can determine who is who. 

This life chose me, I didn’t choose it. People I know pay the FBI, NYPD, etc. to torture me. I’m a US government COINTELPRO victim. I started this blog using the platform as a way of trying to plead my case to the public. I’m hoping the public bands together and helps me. I’ve contacted hundreds of government agencies in New York and throughout the United States and they haven’t stopped law enforcement from torturing me. 

I’ve contacted so many government and law enforcement agencies, I have started to learn how the US government scams the citizens. Then I woke up to the realization that I’m an investigative journalist. People who work for the government told me to contact the press and try to get help. I thought about it and then I decided instead to create my own news website and post the information myself. 

My goal is to eventually try and share information that uplifts people and makes the world a better place. Of course, results are not guaranteed. All information is subject to change. Please verify everything yourself. If you have an emergency call 911. If you require legal advice, contact an attorney. 

I’m a full-time student at The City University of New York. I have been homeless for 5 years. I don’t drink, smoke, or party at all. My dream is to one day be able to create articles and videos for a living. In the meantime, I create videos and write when I’m available. 

Anytime I create videos the FBI, NYPD, and their civilian team follow me around and blast music to ruin my videos. They have literally sabotaged tens of thousands of videos I tried to create throughout the past 8 years. In addition to blasting music to ruin my videos, New York law enforcement will have people yell at me, crash into me, and cut me off while I’m recording videos. They are beyond ruthless. That is the inspiration for me becoming an investigative journalist. 

I write posts that are 500, 700, 800, and sometimes 1,000 plus words. I could easily polish my posts and write even more but there are a few reasons I haven’t:

  1. The FBI, NYPD, and their civilian hate team harass me while I’m writing including right now. 
  2. I’m not exactly sure how the search engines work but I’m concerned that because New York law enforcement has access to all my accounts that they will make changes to my articles if I don’t publish them right away. Not saying they won’t do it anyway, but it’s a thought. 
  3. I’m also concerned if I don’t publish my posts immediately, New York law enforcement will publish my articles on other blogs and confuse the search engines as to who is creating the content. Of course, they might still be posting my articles on other websites.
  4. I have tons of school work. My GPA at CUNY after 27 credits is a 4.0 with the FBI and NYPD torturing and drugging me the whole time. 

By Mark Pine

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