The New York FBI and their civilian hate team are recording me 24/7.

Before I get started if anyone legitimately questions if what I’m writing is possible, I invite you to Google the crimes that members of the NYPD and other United States police officers have been arrested for. Murder, rape, child abuse, drug dealing, etc. US law enforcement has been convicted of almost every crime imaginable and some you can’t imagine. I’m respectful to the police when I see them in the street. There is no reason to make matters worse than they are. I also treat all government staff with the utmost respect at all times even when the FBI tells them to treat me like garbage and try to pick fights with me. If you have an emergency call 911.

In my opinion, the job of US law enforcement is to lie and scam. It’s almost impossible to get in trouble because the job is to be a criminal and stab people in the back. There is no one to investigate law enforcement unless something blows up on the internet or in the press which is extremely rare. Somehow or another there is a select number of US law enforcement that can’t stay out of trouble. For example, NYPD Alberto Randazzo, NYPD Michael Valva, and NYPD Joseph Recca. This list can be thousands or tens of thousands of names. I don’t know any of these officers, I just picked 3 random NYPD who have been arrested.

People I know pay the New York FBI to torture people including myself. I’m writing about the scams and lies I deal with on a daily basis. One scam the New York FBI and their civilian hate team pull on me every single day is they like to play made you look while ambushing and recording me. The FBI and their civilian team of women and men do things to try and get my attention while recording audio, taking pictures, and creating videos. I don’t have a criminal record nor do I do anything illegal.

The New York FBI had several teenage girls try to hook up with me and I didn’t fall for it. Now they have teenage girls and girls in their twenties and thirties follow me around and pretend I’m following them. The New York FBI has girls crash into me on the sidewalk, stick their phones in my face like they are under attack, and cut me off with their phones in my face recording.

The New York FBI also has people of all ages block me when I’m walking around New York City, cut me off, crash into me, try to start arguments, etc., all while recording it. New York law enforcement’s civilian hate team will run these scams on buses, in the street, in supermarkets, in the subway, and anywhere else that I go. It’s called COINTELPRO you can Google it if you want to read about a bunch of negativity.

The US government has a lot more spies than people realize. They aren’t the Hollywood type either. They are just regular people. The US government uses their civilian lie team to serve on juries, tamper with people’s food, leave comments on the web, harass, and set up citizens, etc. If I had to guess, I’d say the US government, FBI, etc., have hundreds of thousands of citizens working for them that they would never admit. Running the nastiest scams you can’t imagine.

By Mark Pine

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