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Email to The New York City Human Resources Administration (HRA) about my public assistance case recertificaion.


First and foremost I treat everyone at HRA with the utmost respect at all times. Regardless of how anyone at HRA treats me, I treat them the way I want to be treated. They usually treat me nicely. 

I am a full-time college student at The City University of New York. Every six months I receive student loans in the amount of about $5000 cash in my Chase Bank account. I was told by the CUNY EDGE and CUNY financial aid office that the money would not affect my public assistance case. 

I have a 4.0 GPA after 27 credits. I don’t drink, smoke, or party. I don’t have a criminal record. My attendance record at school is 100%. 

I grew up on Long Island and people I know pay New York law enforcement to torture me. That’s why I have been homeless for the past 5 years. I choose not to live in a homeless shelter. I don’t want to complain about it right now. The reason I mention the abuse I’m a victim to is because New York law enforcement sabotages me at various government agencies. I’m concerned this might be one of those times. I hope I’m wrong.

Something recently changed with my HRA account. I’m not sure if it’s going to affect my public assistance case or not. I want to figure it out as soon as possible instead of at the last minute. The date of my recertification was recently moved from November 2020 to December 2020. 

If I’m correct, when my recertification was in November 2020 I could have recertified on either September 15, 2020, or October 1, 2020. I haven’t earned any money since last year. My college attendance record, amount of credits, and GPA are satisfactory in regard to HRA’s school requirements. Normally, such as last year, everything would have been business as usual regarding my HRA public assistance recertification. It would have been smooth sailing. I hope it still is.

The money from my student loans would not have shown up on my Chase Bank statement that I would submit to HRA for my recertification as proof of no income. The student loan money would show up on the following Chase Bank statement. I’m not taking any private loans, I’m only taking Federal and New York State student loans. I wouldn’t have been doing anything wrong because I was told by everyone involved that I’m allowed to take student loans while on public assistance. 

I’m trying to figure out the following information regarding my HRA case:

  1. Am I allowed to take out Federal and New York State student loans while on public assistance, cash assistance, and SNAP without it affecting my benefits? 
  2. Is it going to affect my benefits or recertification that I’m going to have a deposit of about $5000 from student loans showing on my Chase Bank statement the same month as my recertification? 
  3. Is it going to affect my public assistance case that I have a few thousand dollars cash in my bank account from student loans during my HRA recertification?
  4. Is there anything else I should know that I’m not asking? 
  5. The least important at this point unless I’m going to lose out big time is why was my recertification date moved? 

Please advise. 

Thank you and have a great day. 

Ever upward, 

Mark Pine 

By Mark Pine

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