Car scams committed by the US government, FBI, and police.

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The US government and law enforcement are hiring people to use their vehicles to run scams. They also pay employees at corporations to use their company’s vehicles for the same purposes. I have been exposed to this in several states. I’ve reported it to federal and state law enforcement and government agencies. 

I want to go on the record about what is going on now just in case something happens. I’m a COINTELPRO victim. People I know pay New York law enforcement to torture me. They had a bunch of teenage girls try to hook up with me to set me up and I didn’t fall for it. They tampered with my food a bunch of times so I stopped eating at restaurants. Now they use vehicles to torture and harass me daily. 

A few of the US government vehicle scams I have been exposed to are as follows:

  1. They have drivers follow me around with their arm out of the window in their employer’s commercial vehicles and personal cars. They will drive with one hand on the wheel and the other hand is outside of the vehicle. They do this so you know they are following you. They make it really obvious. I’m not saying every single person who does this is running scams for the US government. I am saying civilians who run scams for law enforcement use this trick to be annoying. 
  2. The wait on the side of the road to cut me off. They will park and wait for me to start walking or riding a bicycle near them. When I appear they will pull out of the spot or away from the side of the road and cut me off. 
  3. When I am crossing the street the US government’s vehicle scam team will hit the gas and speed up to red lights. It will be time for me to walk or ride a bicycle across the street. The light will be red and depending on where I’m at I may also have the signal to walk. The vehicle scam team will speed up to the red light to make me flinch and check the light to make sure I have the right of way. The way they are flying up to the red light makes you think the light might have changed. 
  4. The US government vehicle scam team is encouraged to bring young children with them as cover. No one in their right mind would believe the precious US government and their law enforcement would be this unscrupulous. If something goes wrong and the person has a child in the car, no one is going to believe they are harassing people on behalf of the US government. 
  5. Backing up half the block for a parking spot.
  6. Stopping where pedestrians are supposed to cross the street.
  7. Parking in a legal parking spot with blinkers on.
  8. Parking at a bus stop.
  9. Creating fabricated traffic.
  10. Blasting music and using sirens to harass people and wake them up.

Once I was riding a bicycle on 6th Ave in New York City. As usual, members of the US government vehicle scam team were following me. A young scammer was playing with his phone, laughing, and giggling, having a great time while he was driving. He forgot to pay attention to the road and stopped at the last minute within inches of running over a few people. Of course, law enforcement would have covered it up the best they could. Luckily for the pedestrians, his car stopped just short of running them over. 

Another instance I was on Long Island and the vehicle scam team was harassing me as per usual. I can’t know for sure but I heard one of the days they were following me around that someone smashed their car into another vehicle and took off. It was a classic hit and run scenario. The license plate or partial license plate was given to law enforcement. If the person who hit and ran was a member of the civilian vehicle scam team I’m confident they never found the vehicle or said it was stolen. 

I’m reporting this just in case anyone from New York law enforcement’s vehicle scam team runs anyone over. If it is caught on camera we can reference this blog post and then watch exactly what I’m describing in the video. The US government and law enforcement have maniacs driving around harassing people and they are an accident waiting to happen.