The New York FBI and NYPD are now officially drugging me every day.

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People I know pay New York law enforcement to kill, poison, sabotage, and set up individuals they don’t like. They have been doing it for decades. Unfortunately for me I fall into that category.

I have evidence but if I speak about it publicly or mention the names of the people who I know that pay New York law enforcement to torture me I can be sued for defamation. How is that free speech? People pay the FBI and NYPD to torture me and if I mention their names I will immediatly be served multiple lawsuits probably totalling millions of dollars. Free speech is expensive. 

New York law enforcement had dozens of teenage girls try to hook up with me. They contacted me in stores, the subway, and on social media. Once they say I didn’t fall for the scam, they have women follow me around and pretend I’m following them. 

In addition to that New York law enforcement has women and men tease me and pick fights with me. It’s been going on for so long that it doesn’t bother me anymore. Imagine the disappointment the FBI and NYPD must feel to be spending millions of taxpayer dollars harsssing me and it’s not having the maximum effect. 

That leads me to the current situation. The New York FBI, NYPD, and their civilian scam team are now drugging me every single day. They have a few ways they like to drug me. They put narcotics into water and throw it on me. There is no way to defend against it. I’m in New York City. They sneak up behind me and throw a few drops of liquid on me and my day is over. 

New York law enforcement’s civilian sabotage team will also sneak up on me and blow smoke in my face. Occasionally, they will lace my food with narcotics but the majority of the time they drug me it’s the first two ways I mentioned. If anyone doesn’t believe they do this just Google what NYPD officers have been arrested for in the past few years. Murder, rape, child abuse, and drug dealing. I don’t think there is any violent crime that multiple members of the NYPD have been arrested for. 

I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t have a criminal record. I don’t do anything illegal. The FBI and NYPD drove me into the ground financially and I’ve been homeless in New York City for 5 years. I signed up for college and public assistance. I have a 4.0 GPA after 27 credits. 

It’s the beginning of August and school starts back up in about a month. I’m trying to study for Algebra and Trigonometry to get ready for school and the FBI, NYPD, and their civilian team keep drugging me every day. After they drug me they will tease me for hours on end. 

I have contacted dozens of NYC agencies and New York law enforcement can care less. They keep on harassing me. I read a little bit about COINTELPRO in Wikipedia. The US government, FBI, and police were exposed for torturing and killing people decades ago and I can confirm right now they are still doing it. I also contacted the DEA and they won’t help me.