Today’s message to the New York City Comptroller’s Office.

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I sent this message to the NYC Comptroller’s office using the web form on the contact page of their website that can be found here:


First and foremost I always treat everyone at CUNY, HRA, and the Comptrollers office with the utmost respect at all times regardless of how anyone treats me.

  1. I had a hearing about suing the NYPD. Can I move forward and file the lawsuit against them now? I have not heard anything or received any information since the hearing. Someone from the law firm sent me a PDF with the information from the hearing, that’s it. Please advise.
  2. I dropped off a Notice of Claim to sue LaGuardia Community College. I’m available anytime 24/7 to have a hearing about that.
  3. I dropped off a Notice of Claim to sue The New York City Human Resources Administration/Department of Social Services (HRA/DSS). This is the most important one. The NYPD has made a few moves behind the scenes at HRA to sabotage my case in the middle of the winter when I will be living in the freezing cold with no subway to run to because it’s closed at night. The NYPD wants to cut off my food money. You can read about the whole situation in the Notice of Claim. Please set up the HRA hearing as soon as possible.

Please advise.

Thank you and have a great day.

Ever upward,

Mark Pine

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