Wisdom teeth situation.

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A dentist told me I need to have my two bottom wisdom teeth removed. I had the two upper wisdom teeth removed a long time ago. The dentist asked me if I want the two bottom wisdom teeth removed when he took out the top two and I said no. That was a mistake for a few reasons. First, it was about 20 years ago and was on my parent’s tab. 

The next reason it was a mistake is that I’m now on the US government, FBI, and police COINTELPRO list. People I grew up with have been paying New York law enforcement to torture people for decades. If you Google the term COINTELPRO you will see what it is. 

A few dentists told me there is a small chance that at my age, 43, there can be a bad reaction if I have my wisdom teeth taken out. I would go for it if it wasn’t for the US government and law enforcement torturing me. I would say take them out because I have good luck and I’m healthy.

How COINTELPRO affects me now is if I make an appointment with a dentist or oral surgeon to have my two bottom wisdom teeth taken out 1 of 2 things is going to happen. One scenario is that the FBI or NYPD is going to tell the dentist to mess up the surgery on purpose. Just slightly mess it up or worse so I have discomfort forever that can’t be fixed. 

The next scenario is the dentist can do an OK job, not perfect, because the FBI and police would strategize with the dentist on how to mess up the surgery slightly. Then the FBI and police would perform a second surgery on me when I’m sleeping. 

I used to provide web marketing for companies and the FBI and NYPD shut it down. That was about 5 years ago. I have been homeless in New York City ever since. I have civilians who work for the FBI and NYPD harassing me right now as I write this. After the FBI and NYPD drove me into the street, I signed up for welfare and community college. 

I don’t go to homeless shelters, I’d rather find places to sleep around the city. When I’m sleeping, the FBI and NYPD use incapacitating agents on me and then operate on me and mutilate me while I’m sleeping. Plus, they steal and destroy my property. If you don’t believe this goes on just Google what NYPD officers were arrested for in the past few years. 

The FBI and NYPD will knock me out after I fall asleep. Then they will rip my mouth apart and say the surgery went bad. The FBI and NYPD already broke 2 of my teeth when I was sleeping. Another time I woke up with about 5 holes in my stomach and gained about 20 pounds in 1 night. In total I gained about 30 pounds for the month. Before the FBI and police started torturing me, I had a very high metabolism, and I ride a bicycle all the time. 

I’m obviously not going to have my wisdom teeth taken out while I’m still homeless because that would be too easy for the FBI and NYPD to lie and say the surgery went bad or my mouth was infected because I’m homeless. They would claim that while I’m sleeping on a bench, dirt flew into my mouth, and now my lower jaw is paralyzed forever. Their mentality is, who is going to care about a homeless person complaining anyway? 

Now I’m thinking about how I would handle the situation when I’m no longer homeless. Even if I moved into a home tomorrow and had enough money to have my two wisdom teeth taken out, what would I do? The FBI and NYPD are going to send their people into any dentist and have them sabotage the surgery. 

As I’m writing this, a girl who works for the FBI and NYPD is walking in circles around me. She crashed her dog into me. She is yelling and screaming on the phone directly behind me. The FBI and NYPD send one girl after the next to try and start arguments with me and harass me. 

The FBI and NYPD had a bunch of girls try and hook up with me. The girls came on so innocent. I saw right through it because people I grew up with pay New York law enforcement to kill people. I feel bad for guys who fall for it. If the FBI and NYPD are trying to set you up and you hook up with one of these girls, you are going to jail. No one is going to believe you. The FBI and NYPD control the juries too, and you are 100% going to lose in court. 

The FBI and NYPD torture girls and women all the time too. They use different methods. For example, they will have a female target fired from her job. They will have a female target raped, thrown out of her apartment, robbed, etc. 

I can only imagine if the dentist told the FBI and NYPD no, they wouldn’t sabotage the surgery. If a dentist told the FBI and NYPD they refuse to sabotage a surgery, this is what I think would happen. The FBI and NYPD would send tons of new patients into the dentists office and they would raise hell. The civilians who run scams for law enforcement would leave negative reviews for the dentist and file lawsuits against the dentist.

If the dentist is a man, the FBI and NYPD would have women try and sleep with the dentist and say he raped them. If the dentist wouldn’t hook up with any of the girls, they will just lie and say it happened anyway. 

Regardless if the dentist is a woman or man, the FBI and NYPD would start to tamper with the dentist’s food immediately. If you upset law enforcement, they are coming for your food. You won’t drop dead right away; they like for it to go undetected. 

Disclaimers: I’m not a doctor. I’m not a lawyer. Use this information at your own risk. Results are not guaranteed. All information is subject to change. If you have an emergency call 911. Please verify all the information yourself.

One more thing. The FBI and NYPD have real-time access to all my devices. I have no idea how they do it, but they do. They can care less about the Bill of Rights. When I see Connecticut is the constitution state, I think to myself, is that where they burned it? 

I have free health insurance from the New York City welfare agency. I am very happy with the service I’m receiving from free dentists. I treat everyone at the free dentist’s office, doctors, and staff, with the utmost respect and patience at all times. I never mention to anyone there that people I know from New York pay the FBI and NYPD to torture me. 

I’m not speculating if the FBI and NYPD have contacted my free welfare dentist. All I know is that I’m only using the free welfare dentist for a few dental issues here and there. For example, they removed the two teeth that the FBI and NYPD broke. I am also going to use them to fix a few cavities. They offered to provide me with implants (I think the correct term is implants) for the two teeth that the FBI and NYPD broke. I politely said no. They also offered to remove my two lower wisdom teeth, and I politely said no. 

The FBI and NYPD are the biggest liars and racists on the planet. I’m receiving thousands of dollars worth of free top of the line dental work. My free welfare dentist is better than the majority of dentists who charge. Why would I want to jeopardize that? I’m hoping the NYC government doesn’t cancel the free healthcare. Whoever decided to give homeless people free dental care in New York City, thank you. 

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