US government voting scam.

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YouTube video: US government voting scam.

In my opinion, we should be able to vote on our computers. I believe that any of the big tech companies could create a system that would allow everyone to vote from home. We could verify our accounts with a driver’s license or something like that and then get an email every time there is a new election to vote for. 

In addition to only having democrats and republicans, we could have independent candidates with their own codes. People could promote their candidacies on social media and say, this is my code punch it in for the next election. 

If our corporate overlords would allow us to vote from home I suspect a lot more people might vote. I would and I’ve never voted. If I could vote from my laptop I would vote for every single election that I was qualified to vote for. 

I know what the powers that be would say. If we allow people to vote from their computers there would be voter fraud. There are a lot of people who say there is voter fraud right now. Who is keeping track of it all? How are the votes being tallied? How does the voting system work? Who is in charge of it? Does anyone know? While I’m at it does anyone understand how the monetary system works? 

I have a suspicion that if we turned over all the voting to online it would be a lot easier for everyone to keep track of the real numbers and that is what the US government doesn’t want. Also, there would be a lot of upsets. A lot of people who are in power right now would be out of here if we were able to vote from our computers and there was a legitimate accounting of the votes. You’re telling me Google, Facebook, Amazon, or Microsoft couldn’t create a voting system for the United States? 

Once we get everyone voting the next upgrade would be to vote for the issues, not just politicians. Instead of voting for someone and then you don’t hear from them again until the next election when there are big decisions to be made it can go up for a public vote. For example, should we build a new bridge, do we need a new school, etc. I’m not saying every decision should be a public vote, at least one or two a year could be. 

The grand finale is the presidential election. It should not be broken into states. Every US citizen should vote and the candidate with the most votes wins. You can have democrats, republicans, and independents. If everyone voting from their computer is located in the United States, it would be a big risk for them to try and cheat. Let’s say everyone has to show a state ID from the DMV. Either a driver’s license or a non drivers state ID. If you get caught committing some type of voter fraud it can be a felony and you go to jail. The current voting system is a US government voting scam and it needs to be improved. 

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