US government police report scam.

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When I try to get a police report from the NYPD they tell me I either have to visit a precinct or call 911 and the police will meet me at my location. In my opinion that is a US government scam. I don’t want to meet with the police in person when I want a police report. I’d rather have a Google Meet or Zoom call with them. 

The powers that be will say that video calls can lead to fraud. My response to that is if someone is wild enough to have a recorded video call with the police and lie they are probably going to end up in jail one way or another. 

I’d like to have a nice video call with the police that we can both record and have a copy of for our records. I can hold my license up to the video camera, front and back, and they can verify my identity however they feel comfortable. 

Instead of contacting the local precinct, each police force can have a designated team of police officers who creates police reports via video calls. If someone wants to call 911 or go to a precinct they still can. I would like to add the video call option as a third option. Once the report is taken by video call, the information can be forwarded to the nearest precinct. 

There should also be a way to make appointments in advance with the video call police officers. We should be able to email them the evidence before the call so they have time to analyze it. They can analyze the information and ask us any questions they deem appropriate. 

The system for getting police reports now is a US government scam. When I visit a NYPD precinct they will not spend 1 minute looking at my laptop with the evidence. They will listen to me for a few minutes, ask a few questions and then make a quick decision. They usually say it’s up to their discretion if they are going to issue a police report or not and most of the times I have gone to obtain a police report I am rejected.

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