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US government pension scam.

The following video is about a former Nassau County police officer who was arrested and is still receiving his pension. The video is from ABC 7 New York (

The only job I know about that still pays pensions is the US government. If there are any companies that pay pensions in the US that you know about please leave the information in the comments. I have a suspicion why the US government pays pensions and I’m going to get into it now. 

The first reason that I suspect the US government pays pensions is because of how corrupt it is. The US government pays many of its employees for life because they want them to keep quiet for life. That goes triple for these days now that we have social media and web videos. The US government doesn’t want its employees to gain a conscience after they are retired and to see them on YouTube exposing all the secrets. 

The government runs a lot of scams to hold us down. Look at how so much of the money goes to huge corporations. Now think about the number of US citizens who are living check to check. If the government cared about us they could level the playing field a little bit. 

YouTube video: US government pension scam.

One complete scam in my opinion is voting. The big technology companies could create a system that would allow US citizens to vote from their computers. I suspect that would be easier to keep track of than the system they have now and that’s why the US government doesn’t want it. Another one is jury selection in trials. Who is making sure that the FBI and police aren’t putting their own people on juries? What person who works for the government is going to report the FBI and police for fixing juries? 

People I know pay the top law enforcement in New York and other states to torture people and worse. They did it to me so I was able to see first hand how the government operates. The FBI and police are vile and they sabotage way more people than they help. Just Google almost any police precinct and you will see not stop complaints. I suspect many of the positive comments are from the police themselves. 

The next reason that I suspect the US government pays pensions is that they have so many criminals working for them. The US government has trained so many criminals, they are scared that if they run out of money after they retire they will be robbing the civilians left and right. If we had one retired FBI agent and police officer after the next being arrested it would expose the US government for the nonstop scams they run on us. It would show the caliber of person the US government has “protecting” us. 

Now it’s time to give an actual example that you are not going to believe. In my humble opinion, I would like to see the Nassau County Police Department Commissioner of Police Patrick Ryder fired for not publicly exposing and publically protesting Richard’s pension.

I’m starting a petition on to have Richard Furboter’s pension canceled and Commissioner Patrick Ryder fired without a pension. I would not have an issue if Nassau County gave Patrick a job at a park cleaning toilets as long as we are able to confirm that he is actually there. I volunteer to check up on Patrick Ryder and make sure he is doing a good job. Also, if another member of the Nassau County Police Department exposes himself at the park that Patrick Ryder is working at and Patrick doesn’t call the police he is fired again sans pension. 

According to CBS New York, “A veteran Nassau County Police officer is under arrest, accused of exposing himself to women in a Long Island park.” Nassau County police officer Richard Furboter was arrested and charged with two misdemeanor counts of public lewdness and two counts of exposure. He quickly retired after his arrest so he could receive his large state pension. The taxpayers will be paying Richard Furboter a salary in addition to his social security for the rest of his life. 

Nassau County Police Department Commissioner Police Patrick Ryder said he was going to melt Richard Furboter’s badge and throw it in the garbage. Surprisingly Commissioner Ryder didn’t mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars we are going to be paying Richard Furboter over the next several years via his pension as a reward for exposing himself to multiple women when he was a police officer. 

There was also mention that Richard Furboter’s severance was being held back. The total was about $150,000. I think that we deserve to know what happened to the severance pay? Also, did Richard Furboter have to serve time? Is Richard Furboter a registered sex offender? In the future, if a police officer is arrested and convicted while on the job she or he should immediately lose their pension. That should be a nationwide policy. 

I called Commissioner Patrick Ryder and couldn’t get through to him. If Furboter served time, lost his severance, and Patrick Ryder protests Richard’s pension I will update the petition. If Furboter received his severance, served no jail time, and isn’t a registered sex offender I would say Patrick Ryder let him off too easy and Patrick should be fired without a pension. 

I’m a civilian, I’m not an attorney. Is there any way of finding any of this out? I’ll contact the Nassau County Executive, the Nassau County District Attorney, and Nassau County Police headquarters. I’m easy to get ahold of, my information is all over the internet if anyone has the answers. 

If Richard Furboter’s pension was cancelled please let me know and I will remove him from this article. If you have an emergency call 911.

By Mark Pine

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