The FBI cuts Mark Pine when he is sleeping.

Banned in the US

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People I know paid the top law enforcement in New York to sabotage me and set me up. The first thing they did was chase away most of my web marketing clients that I worked 7 days a week to accumulate. I was knocking on doors of offices and cold calling companies for years to build up my clientele. The FBI, police, and their civilian scam team contacted the majority of my customers and said do not cut him another check. I had multiple clients confirm this to me. 

Then any new individuals and companies who were thinking about working with me were immediately told not to get involved with me. A few of my customers were told to help sabotage me. New York law enforcement had a few people try to run various scams on me but I didn’t fall for it. 

I’m not saying I’m the best web marketing person in the history of the game. What I will say is that I have a lot of experience and I don’t hold back. When I work with an individual or company to help them with their web marketing, I share all the secrets so the client can make the most educated decisions with the resources they have. I swing for the fences in a sophisticated manner. I’m not concerned if the clients are going to run off with the information. There were several times that they did. 

Out of hundreds of transactions, I had 1 chargeback on PayPal. The person who did the chargeback and I are on good terms right now and the person actually asked me to help them with something a few months ago. The reason I had only 1 chargeback is that I delivered so much value to my clients that they held me in a high regard and were satisfied with the service. 

In addition to web marketing, I was trying to fund my own startup tech companies. Of course, now I have been homeless in NYC for the past 5 years and I’m a student at an NYC college. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I have no criminal record. In addition to trying to fund my startups which I have no money, I’m trying to crowdfund my startups. Up until this point I have been unsuccessful. 

If you look at any of my social media accounts they are filled with posts talking about how the FBI and police are torturing me. They are harassing me right now as I’m writing this. I’m sitting on a street corner in Astoria, Queens in New York. The majority of people run for the hills when they see my social media posts about the police. The few people who have contacted me were working for law enforcement trying to sabotage me. 

I don’t care how broke I am, I’m not getting into any deals with anyone that will allow someone to sabotage me. Anyone who even thinks about helping me is going to be visited by representatives of New York law enforcement and told not to help me or to sabotage me. It’s well documented that the US government, FBI, and police have been doing this to people for decades. It’s called COINTELPRO. You can look it up in Wikipedia and Google if you want to read about a bunch of negativity. 

The FBI and police had several teenage girls try and hook up with me. They have women and men follow me around and try and pick fights with me. They have civilians they are using to try and set me up pick up official law enforcement and government phone lines and try and get into arguments on the phone. They physically attack me and destroy my property all the time. The other day I was standing on 6th Avenue and West 12th Street in New York City. A girl smashes into me on purpose and pretends she is under attack. The police cut me and throw drug paraphernalia around me when I’m sleeping, and then take pictures and videos. They use incapacitating agents on me to keep me asleep. You can Google that phrase too. People use incapacitating agents on people during assaults, robberies, etc. 

YouTube video: COINTELPRO 2020 is the FBI trying to set me up as a drug addict when I’m clean as a whistle. The FBI and police are professional liars.

Who would possibly get involved with me under the circumstances? I have no idea. I’m not giving up. I’m on welfare. I’m going to college. I’m creating videos. I’m writing blogs. I’m trying to crowdfund my startups. 

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