Email to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman and Commissioners

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YouTube video, Straight Talk: From the SEC. From the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission YouTube channel.


I’m trying to crowdfund several startups. The crowdfunding is basically like charity because I’m not giving up any percentage of any of the startups I’m working on. Eventually, I’ll give some type of gifts such as t-shirts or something like that for people who give money to my crowdfunding pages on websites like Patreon, GoFundMe, FundRazr, etc. 

I got the idea to call professional, accredited investment companies and share my crowdfunding pages with them. I’m hoping one or more of them take pity on me and give a few dollars to my crowdfunding. My question is, is it legal for me to call professional accredited investment companies around the United States and ask them to look at my crowdfunding pages? I’m located in New York City. 

By some miracle, if someone says they don’t want to contribute to my crowdfunding but they want to invest, I will have to let them know that I can not give up any control of any of my startups. I need to control them the way that some other startup founders allegedly do. I would sell a percentage of my startups but I won’t give up control. I think they call it super-voting shares. 

The reason I say that is because I grew up with people who pay the FBI, NYPD, etc. to torture people including myself. If anyone was in a position to sabotage my startups and me, the FBI and police would immediately approach the person. From my experience, 99% of people will sell anyone down the river if the police ask them to. I don’t blame people, most people just don’t want to deal with the drama regardless if they are a good person or not. 

I was providing web marketing services for companies and the FBI and police sent people to my clients and told them to stop paying me immediately. Because of that I have been homeless for the past 5 years. I’m 43 years young. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I have no criminal record besides 2 violations from more than a decade ago. 

The FBI, NYPD and others had several teenage girls try to “hook up” with me to set me up. I didn’t fall for it. I’m not celebrating because I feel bad for the droves of people who I know that will fall for that. The FBI, NYPD and others also have women and men constantly try and pick fights with me. They also put narcotics into water and throw it on me. They also steal my property, destroy my property and physically attack me. The closest explanation I can find to explain what I’m dealing with is COINTELPRO. I read on Wikipedia that people exposed the US Government, FBI, and police for torturing people decades ago. 

I do everything by the book. Every move I make I act like the SEC, FBI, IRS, etc are in the room. If anyone can provide any guidance regarding if I am legally allowed to contact professional investors via the telephone to look at my crowdfunding, please let me know. 

An example is:

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