The FBI and police are killing people with drugs and saying they overdosed.

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YouTube video about how the FBI and police are killing people with drugs and lying and saying they overdosed.

The FBI and police in the United States are killing people every day with drugs and saying they overdosed. They are murdering people they don’t like and people who civilians pay them to kill. This is why I make videos saying do not use drugs or alcohol. If for some reason you upset the wrong person it will be very easy for them to kill you if you’re known as someone who parties. These days its information overload and it’s difficult for people to keep up with even a small percentage of the events that are going on. On top of that most people are living check to check and have to say on top of their career. 

I hope one day that more people work in jobs they enjoy. I would also like to see more people start their own small businesses. In my opinion, the US government wants to see everyone broke, with bad credit, living check to check, with their mouth shut. The US government spreads so many lies and has everyone arguing about issues instead of improving all individual’s lives.

YouTube video: The FBI and NYPD have drug addicts following me around and pretending they are with me.

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