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I suspect the NYPD has their contacts at CUNY trying to have me kicked out of school.

This is a few hours of calls from me to law enforcement. I call the FBI, NYPD, etc. every day while they torture me. People I know from New York pay New York law enforcement to torture myself and others. They don’t care who I tell they won’t stop.

This is an email I sent to NYPD headquarters, CUNY, the FBI, the NYC District Attorney, the Queens District Attorney, the NYC Public Advocate, the Manhattan Borough President, the Queens Borough President, the Speaker of the City Council, and others.


I’m in the middle of a bunch of homework so I don’t have a lot of time to write this. Regardless of how anyone at CUNY treats me, I treat everyone with the utmost respect at all times.

I treat everyone everywhere with the utmost respect at all times regardless of how they treat me. When I see the NYPD or any police in-person I am respectful. On the phone with the NYPD, sometimes we argue. The police torture me and then when I call to report it they treat me like garbage. 

The police have civilians who work for them tease me, physically attack me and harass me for hours on end. I’ll follow up with another email about it later. Then when I call to complain the NYPD has civilians pick up the phone and pretend to be police so they can audio record me arguing with people from places I attend. The NYPD also has women and men pick up the phone and viciously try to pick fights with me.

Right now the NYPD 107 Precinct is running scams on me on the phone as I’m writing this.

I suspect the NYPD has some of their contacts at CUNY run scams on me on NYPD phone lines. I can’t prove it but I filed paperwork with the comptroller’s office to sue the NYPD for $105,000 and I already had my first deposition. Right now I”m in Queens and the police and their civilian team are harassing me, trying to pick fights with me and teasing me. 

I’m not mentioning a word of this to anyone at school besides the President and the discrimination office.

Thank you and have a great day.

Ever upward,

Mark Pine

By Mark Pine

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