My biography.

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I’m a licensed real estate broker in New York. People who I know pay the FBI and NYPD to torture me. I can’t mention the names of the people who pay New York law enforcement to tear me to shreds because they can sue me for defamation. The following is my biography on the real estate website StreetEasy.

Greetings, people I know pay the FBI and NYPD to torture me. I believe the term they use is called COINTELPRO. New York law enforcement and their huge civilian scam team harass me in several ways. They have people constantly pick fights with me while the NYPD supervises. They steal and destroy my property. They have people spit in my face and physically attack me. 

I have gone through all the proper channels of the New York City government to get help. The New York City Comptroller set up a deposition for me to sue the NYPD. I have contacted the CCRB, Internal Affairs, Public Advocate, Manhattan Borough President, Queens Borough President, NYC District Attorney, Queens District Attorney, Brooklyn District Attorney, NYC US Attorney, FBI in multiple states, DOI, NY Attorney General, etc. 

The NYPD just keeps harassing me. They have people follow me into stores while I’m shopping and harass me with the store’s security video recording the whole thing. I was providing web marketing for several companies and the NYPD and their civilian ambush team shut it down. Any time I get near a penny, the NYPD tries to steal it or sabotage it. 

The reason I mention this is because it’s a reality I have to deal with. Anyone who even considers doing business with me is instantly contacted and told one of two things. New York law enforcement tells people either not to help me or to help them sabotage me. I’m not sure who would possibly want to do business with me under these circumstances. 

Currently, I’m going to community college. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I’m like a machine. The NYPD looks for any little thing to use against me so I live squeaky clean. Through it all, I stay optimistic that one day the FBI and NYPD will stop harassing and sabotaging me. When I get the money, I will hire attorneys and figure out how I can move forward with my real estate career with the police harassing me constantly. It’s 7/31/20 and the NYPD had people harassing me today. Thank you for reading and have a great day. 

Email to The New York City Human Resources Administration/Department of Social Services (HRA/DSS).

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First and foremost thank you. I treat everyone at HRA with the utmost respect at all times.

I sent a message to the Access HRA email about the NYPD harassing me and trying to have me kicked out of school.

I have a 4.0 GPA after 27 credits with the NYPD harassing me, plus stealing and destroying my property the whole time. They have also physically attacked me on numerous occasions. I just had a hearing to sue them. They don’t care and won’t leave me alone.

3 quick questions:

1. For some reason, HRA stopped paying my storage. Thankfully I had my student loans to keep it going. My storage cost is $34 per month. I scanned the bill into the HRA app and I brought the bill into 14th Street HRA.

2. I can not update my mailing address in Access HRA. My new mailing address is: Mark Pine PO Box 1375 New York, NY 10163. I have been trying to update my mailing address in Access HRA for months.

Personally, I’m still homeless, my mailing address is the only address that changed. Anytime I try to update my personal information in Access HRA I get an error message.

3. My recertification was supposed to be for November now it says December. I want to make sure I submit my recertification the minute I’m allowed. I will make sure to have all the proper documentation ready. I’m going to research how I can recertify my case via the HRA website.

Why would my recertification date be changed from November to December?

Please advise on any of the information you can. I can only imagine how busy HRA is right now so as always I will be patient and understanding that everyone is doing their best under the difficult circumstances.

Thank you and have a great day. 

US government police report scam.

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When I try to get a police report from the NYPD they tell me I either have to visit a precinct or call 911 and the police will meet me at my location. In my opinion that is a US government scam. I don’t want to meet with the police in person when I want a police report. I’d rather have a Google Meet or Zoom call with them. 

The powers that be will say that video calls can lead to fraud. My response to that is if someone is wild enough to have a recorded video call with the police and lie they are probably going to end up in jail one way or another. 

I’d like to have a nice video call with the police that we can both record and have a copy of for our records. I can hold my license up to the video camera, front and back, and they can verify my identity however they feel comfortable. 

Instead of contacting the local precinct, each police force can have a designated team of police officers who creates police reports via video calls. If someone wants to call 911 or go to a precinct they still can. I would like to add the video call option as a third option. Once the report is taken by video call, the information can be forwarded to the nearest precinct. 

There should also be a way to make appointments in advance with the video call police officers. We should be able to email them the evidence before the call so they have time to analyze it. They can analyze the information and ask us any questions they deem appropriate. 

The system for getting police reports now is a US government scam. When I visit a NYPD precinct they will not spend 1 minute looking at my laptop with the evidence. They will listen to me for a few minutes, ask a few questions and then make a quick decision. They usually say it’s up to their discretion if they are going to issue a police report or not and most of the times I have gone to obtain a police report I am rejected.

US government voting scam.

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YouTube video: US government voting scam.

In my opinion, we should be able to vote on our computers. I believe that any of the big tech companies could create a system that would allow everyone to vote from home. We could verify our accounts with a driver’s license or something like that and then get an email every time there is a new election to vote for. 

In addition to only having democrats and republicans, we could have independent candidates with their own codes. People could promote their candidacies on social media and say, this is my code punch it in for the next election. 

If our corporate overlords would allow us to vote from home I suspect a lot more people might vote. I would and I’ve never voted. If I could vote from my laptop I would vote for every single election that I was qualified to vote for. 

I know what the powers that be would say. If we allow people to vote from their computers there would be voter fraud. There are a lot of people who say there is voter fraud right now. Who is keeping track of it all? How are the votes being tallied? How does the voting system work? Who is in charge of it? Does anyone know? While I’m at it does anyone understand how the monetary system works? 

I have a suspicion that if we turned over all the voting to online it would be a lot easier for everyone to keep track of the real numbers and that is what the US government doesn’t want. Also, there would be a lot of upsets. A lot of people who are in power right now would be out of here if we were able to vote from our computers and there was a legitimate accounting of the votes. You’re telling me Google, Facebook, Amazon, or Microsoft couldn’t create a voting system for the United States? 

Once we get everyone voting the next upgrade would be to vote for the issues, not just politicians. Instead of voting for someone and then you don’t hear from them again until the next election when there are big decisions to be made it can go up for a public vote. For example, should we build a new bridge, do we need a new school, etc. I’m not saying every decision should be a public vote, at least one or two a year could be. 

The grand finale is the presidential election. It should not be broken into states. Every US citizen should vote and the candidate with the most votes wins. You can have democrats, republicans, and independents. If everyone voting from their computer is located in the United States, it would be a big risk for them to try and cheat. Let’s say everyone has to show a state ID from the DMV. Either a driver’s license or a non drivers state ID. If you get caught committing some type of voter fraud it can be a felony and you go to jail. The current voting system is a US government voting scam and it needs to be improved. 

Wisdom teeth situation.

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A dentist told me I need to have my two bottom wisdom teeth removed. I had the two upper wisdom teeth removed a long time ago. The dentist asked me if I want the two bottom wisdom teeth removed when he took out the top two and I said no. That was a mistake for a few reasons. First, it was about 20 years ago and was on my parent’s tab. 

The next reason it was a mistake is that I’m now on the US government, FBI, and police COINTELPRO list. People I grew up with have been paying New York law enforcement to torture people for decades. If you Google the term COINTELPRO you will see what it is. 

A few dentists told me there is a small chance that at my age, 43, there can be a bad reaction if I have my wisdom teeth taken out. I would go for it if it wasn’t for the US government and law enforcement torturing me. I would say take them out because I have good luck and I’m healthy.

How COINTELPRO affects me now is if I make an appointment with a dentist or oral surgeon to have my two bottom wisdom teeth taken out 1 of 2 things is going to happen. One scenario is that the FBI or NYPD is going to tell the dentist to mess up the surgery on purpose. Just slightly mess it up or worse so I have discomfort forever that can’t be fixed. 

The next scenario is the dentist can do an OK job, not perfect, because the FBI and police would strategize with the dentist on how to mess up the surgery slightly. Then the FBI and police would perform a second surgery on me when I’m sleeping. 

I used to provide web marketing for companies and the FBI and NYPD shut it down. That was about 5 years ago. I have been homeless in New York City ever since. I have civilians who work for the FBI and NYPD harassing me right now as I write this. After the FBI and NYPD drove me into the street, I signed up for welfare and community college. 

I don’t go to homeless shelters, I’d rather find places to sleep around the city. When I’m sleeping, the FBI and NYPD use incapacitating agents on me and then operate on me and mutilate me while I’m sleeping. Plus, they steal and destroy my property. If you don’t believe this goes on just Google what NYPD officers were arrested for in the past few years. 

The FBI and NYPD will knock me out after I fall asleep. Then they will rip my mouth apart and say the surgery went bad. The FBI and NYPD already broke 2 of my teeth when I was sleeping. Another time I woke up with about 5 holes in my stomach and gained about 20 pounds in 1 night. In total I gained about 30 pounds for the month. Before the FBI and police started torturing me, I had a very high metabolism, and I ride a bicycle all the time. 

I’m obviously not going to have my wisdom teeth taken out while I’m still homeless because that would be too easy for the FBI and NYPD to lie and say the surgery went bad or my mouth was infected because I’m homeless. They would claim that while I’m sleeping on a bench, dirt flew into my mouth, and now my lower jaw is paralyzed forever. Their mentality is, who is going to care about a homeless person complaining anyway? 

Now I’m thinking about how I would handle the situation when I’m no longer homeless. Even if I moved into a home tomorrow and had enough money to have my two wisdom teeth taken out, what would I do? The FBI and NYPD are going to send their people into any dentist and have them sabotage the surgery. 

As I’m writing this, a girl who works for the FBI and NYPD is walking in circles around me. She crashed her dog into me. She is yelling and screaming on the phone directly behind me. The FBI and NYPD send one girl after the next to try and start arguments with me and harass me. 

The FBI and NYPD had a bunch of girls try and hook up with me. The girls came on so innocent. I saw right through it because people I grew up with pay New York law enforcement to kill people. I feel bad for guys who fall for it. If the FBI and NYPD are trying to set you up and you hook up with one of these girls, you are going to jail. No one is going to believe you. The FBI and NYPD control the juries too, and you are 100% going to lose in court. 

The FBI and NYPD torture girls and women all the time too. They use different methods. For example, they will have a female target fired from her job. They will have a female target raped, thrown out of her apartment, robbed, etc. 

I can only imagine if the dentist told the FBI and NYPD no, they wouldn’t sabotage the surgery. If a dentist told the FBI and NYPD they refuse to sabotage a surgery, this is what I think would happen. The FBI and NYPD would send tons of new patients into the dentists office and they would raise hell. The civilians who run scams for law enforcement would leave negative reviews for the dentist and file lawsuits against the dentist.

If the dentist is a man, the FBI and NYPD would have women try and sleep with the dentist and say he raped them. If the dentist wouldn’t hook up with any of the girls, they will just lie and say it happened anyway. 

Regardless if the dentist is a woman or man, the FBI and NYPD would start to tamper with the dentist’s food immediately. If you upset law enforcement, they are coming for your food. You won’t drop dead right away; they like for it to go undetected. 

Disclaimers: I’m not a doctor. I’m not a lawyer. Use this information at your own risk. Results are not guaranteed. All information is subject to change. If you have an emergency call 911. Please verify all the information yourself.

One more thing. The FBI and NYPD have real-time access to all my devices. I have no idea how they do it, but they do. They can care less about the Bill of Rights. When I see Connecticut is the constitution state, I think to myself, is that where they burned it? 

I have free health insurance from the New York City welfare agency. I am very happy with the service I’m receiving from free dentists. I treat everyone at the free dentist’s office, doctors, and staff, with the utmost respect and patience at all times. I never mention to anyone there that people I know from New York pay the FBI and NYPD to torture me. 

I’m not speculating if the FBI and NYPD have contacted my free welfare dentist. All I know is that I’m only using the free welfare dentist for a few dental issues here and there. For example, they removed the two teeth that the FBI and NYPD broke. I am also going to use them to fix a few cavities. They offered to provide me with implants (I think the correct term is implants) for the two teeth that the FBI and NYPD broke. I politely said no. They also offered to remove my two lower wisdom teeth, and I politely said no. 

The FBI and NYPD are the biggest liars and racists on the planet. I’m receiving thousands of dollars worth of free top of the line dental work. My free welfare dentist is better than the majority of dentists who charge. Why would I want to jeopardize that? I’m hoping the NYC government doesn’t cancel the free healthcare. Whoever decided to give homeless people free dental care in New York City, thank you. 

New York law enforcement is trying to have me kicked out of college.

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YouTube video: I suspect the NYPD is using a small number of their contacts at my school to try and sabotage me.

This is an email I sent to the people in charge of my college about people I know paying the police to try and have me kicked out of school.


Before I get into it, first and foremost I treat all the collge staff with the utmost respect at all times regardless of how they treat me. People I know pay the top law enforcement in New York to torture me. They sabotaged my web marketing clients and I’ve been homeless for 5 years. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I don’t have a criminal record.

Regarding the students at school, I keep to myself. I don’t socialize. I have a 4.0 GPA after 27 credits. I give permission to any of the staff at school to check my school email and see how polite and respectful I am to the entire staff at all times. For the spring semester, I was in constant contact with my teacher, the writing center, the library, etc.

New York law enforcement and their civilian ambush team harassed me all day today. They harassed me in the street and they followed me into every single store I visited. I called the New York FBI to report it. I’ve called them at least once per day for a few years. Their number is 212-384-1000. There isn’t an extension that says press this number if your civilian enemies are paying New York law enforcement to torture you, so I press extension 1. That is the extension for law enforcement who is trying to get in touch with the FBI immediately 24 hours per day. For example, if there is a bank robbery or something like that. I used to get real agents and now they filter my calls to chronic caller operators who try to pick fights with me on the phone.

I also call NYPD headquarters. Their number is 646-610-5000. I’m really surprised that the phone number for the NYPD headquarters has three sixes in it. I’m sure it’s a coincidence. The extension I dial is number 9. They also filter my calls to chronic caller operators. They tell me they will transfer me to internal affairs. I tell them I’ve spoken with internal affairs hundreds of times and they aren’t helping me. I’ve also visited internal affairs on Hudson Street twice. Internal affairs phone number is 212-741-8401 extension 3.

I also called the Queens District Attorney’s office. The number is 718-286-6000. I’ve called there complaining about the police torturing me so many times that they filter my calls to an answering machine. The Queens District Attorney is screening my calls while law enforcement has teenage girls following me around pretending I’m following them and trying to set me up.

I also call the Queens Borough President at 718-286-3000. I’ve been calling the Queens Borough President to complain about law enforcement since the current Queens District Attorney was the Queens Borough President.

I don’t call the New York City Public Advocate. I visit the NYC Pubic Advocates office to complain about the police torturing me and I email the Public Advocates Office. I’ve been visiting the NYC Public Advocate since the current Attorney General of New York was the NYC Public Advocate. I have also contacted the Attorney General of New York’s office for years.

The Public Advocates office has not helped me at all. They are located in the same building as the Office of the New York City Comptroller. When I drop off a Notice of Claim to sue various NYC government agencies I sometimes stop by the Public Advocates office. I don’t call the Office of the New York City Comptroller, I email the office and visit them in person.

I have visited the Civilian Complaint Review Board twice at 100 Church Street. I have visited the Manhattan Borough President’s Office. I have visited the Department of Investigations Office. I have visited the Administration for Children’s Services. I’ve called and visited several members of the New York City Council including the Speaker Corey Johnson.

I have been visiting and contacting the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York’s office since Preet Bharara was in charge. There have been two additional US Attorneys since then. I contact the New York County District Attorney. I contact the Brooklyn District Attorney. I contact the Drug Enforcement Administration. I have contacted the Secret Service. I have contacted the U.S. Marshalls. I have contacted the New York State Police.

I contacted the security at school when a woman started yelling at me for no reason at school with a security camera pointing directly at us. I did not say a word back to the woman. I just waited until class was over and reported it. I was told by school security that the security camera was broken.

I have contacted hundreds of additional offices in other states who have the exact same titles as the above offices for advice regarding my situation.

There are at least two ways that New York law enforcement is trying to have me kicked out of school. The first way is to claim that I’m following around the girls that New York law enforcement has following me around. They have women crash into me, cut me off while violently sticking their phones in my face, all while acting like they are under attack. I have reported it thousands of times to the FBI, police, etc. and they keep doing it.

The police also had a bunch of girls try to hook up with me and I didn’t fall for it. The police also have the same women follow me around in different parts of the city and run in front of me to pretend I’m following them.

The other big play that New York law enforcement is working on to have me kicked out of school is via audio recordings. They will never have video recordings of me arguing with anyone at school because it would never happen.

I highly suspect that the NYPD has a small number of staff members from my college pick up official law enforcement phone lines and try to start arguments with me on the phone. Then they would use that to have me kicked out of school. That is why when I call the NYPD I say officer, detective, etc. over and over at the beginning and end of almost every sentence.

Finally, when the police torture me, which is all the time, they know my knee jerk reaction is to call various law enforcement numbers and complain. While I’m on the phone arguing with the FBI, police, etc. New York law enforcement will have people follow me around and record me arguing on the phone with them.

If you don’t believe New York law enforcement does this then just please Google what members of the NYPD have been arrested for in the last 3 years. Murder, rape, drug dealing, child abuse, etc. There is no scam they won’t try, there is no lie they won’t tell.

After going through everything I’ve been through, New York law enforcement is claiming I’m dumb enough to mouth off to a staff member at my college? That’s their big play. Years have been invested in torturing me and that’s what it all amounts to?

There is a lot more but it’s too wild to include in this email.

A staff member at school can throw a cake in my face and I’m not going to react. They can do a lot worse than that. Why would I possibly want to jeopardize the only thing that New York law enforcement hasn’t taken from me?

Banned in the US

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People I know paid the top law enforcement in New York to sabotage me and set me up. The first thing they did was chase away most of my web marketing clients that I worked 7 days a week to accumulate. I was knocking on doors of offices and cold calling companies for years to build up my clientele. The FBI, police, and their civilian scam team contacted the majority of my customers and said do not cut him another check. I had multiple clients confirm this to me. 

Then any new individuals and companies who were thinking about working with me were immediately told not to get involved with me. A few of my customers were told to help sabotage me. New York law enforcement had a few people try to run various scams on me but I didn’t fall for it. 

I’m not saying I’m the best web marketing person in the history of the game. What I will say is that I have a lot of experience and I don’t hold back. When I work with an individual or company to help them with their web marketing, I share all the secrets so the client can make the most educated decisions with the resources they have. I swing for the fences in a sophisticated manner. I’m not concerned if the clients are going to run off with the information. There were several times that they did. 

Out of hundreds of transactions, I had 1 chargeback on PayPal. The person who did the chargeback and I are on good terms right now and the person actually asked me to help them with something a few months ago. The reason I had only 1 chargeback is that I delivered so much value to my clients that they held me in a high regard and were satisfied with the service. 

In addition to web marketing, I was trying to fund my own startup tech companies. Of course, now I have been homeless in NYC for the past 5 years and I’m a student at an NYC college. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I have no criminal record. In addition to trying to fund my startups which I have no money, I’m trying to crowdfund my startups. Up until this point I have been unsuccessful. 

If you look at any of my social media accounts they are filled with posts talking about how the FBI and police are torturing me. They are harassing me right now as I’m writing this. I’m sitting on a street corner in Astoria, Queens in New York. The majority of people run for the hills when they see my social media posts about the police. The few people who have contacted me were working for law enforcement trying to sabotage me. 

I don’t care how broke I am, I’m not getting into any deals with anyone that will allow someone to sabotage me. Anyone who even thinks about helping me is going to be visited by representatives of New York law enforcement and told not to help me or to sabotage me. It’s well documented that the US government, FBI, and police have been doing this to people for decades. It’s called COINTELPRO. You can look it up in Wikipedia and Google if you want to read about a bunch of negativity. 

The FBI and police had several teenage girls try and hook up with me. They have women and men follow me around and try and pick fights with me. They have civilians they are using to try and set me up pick up official law enforcement and government phone lines and try and get into arguments on the phone. They physically attack me and destroy my property all the time. The other day I was standing on 6th Avenue and West 12th Street in New York City. A girl smashes into me on purpose and pretends she is under attack. The police cut me and throw drug paraphernalia around me when I’m sleeping, and then take pictures and videos. They use incapacitating agents on me to keep me asleep. You can Google that phrase too. People use incapacitating agents on people during assaults, robberies, etc. 

YouTube video: COINTELPRO 2020 is the FBI trying to set me up as a drug addict when I’m clean as a whistle. The FBI and police are professional liars.

Who would possibly get involved with me under the circumstances? I have no idea. I’m not giving up. I’m on welfare. I’m going to college. I’m creating videos. I’m writing blogs. I’m trying to crowdfund my startups. 

Supermarket scams courtesy of the FBI and NYPD.

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People I know pay New York law enforcement to torture and harass me. They don’t care what the evidence is or who I tell, they won’t stop. This is an email I sent to a supermarket today.


I’m a student at a college near your establishment. I enjoy eating food at your supermarket. First and foremost I treat all your staff with the utmost respect at all times. I mostly keep to myself but any little interactions I have I am concise and polite. I only eat food from supermarkets because people I know paid the NYPD to tamper with my food at a few restaurants. I got very bad food poisoning. After that, I swore off restaurants for good.

People I know from New York pay the top law enforcement in New York to torture people including myself. I have a lawsuit in motion against the NYPD with evidence they are not too happy about. They still harass me constantly but they know I have amazing evidence.

One thing New York law enforcement and the NYPD does is look for any lie they can make up to have me kicked out of places for no reason at all. That includes school, supermarkets, and every other place I go. It’s well documented that the NYPD is 100% out of control, way worse than what the average civilian realizes. I’ll save you from the examples, if anyone is interested they can search Google for what members of the NYPD have been arrested for in the past few years. Murder, rape, drug dealing, child abuse, etc.

Today I had a minor situation at your location that I wanted to mention. It’s no big deal for me, I’m used to things like this happening all the time. It could have been a coincidence. I went up to the register to pay for water. It was my second time shopping at the store today. I swiped my card and it said waiting for the cashier.

I was patiently waiting and the cashier was just standing there not doing anything. I politely said it says on the screen waiting for the cashier. The cashier walked over to my side and started looking at the screen. I just figured she was new so I said it’s no big deal, the store is not that busy, I’ll visit another register.

This is when it gets a little bizarre. I walk up to the next register and pay. There are two cashiers at the register standing next to each other. One of the cashiers is holding the receipt nowhere near me, very close to herself. She is looking at me and I’m looking at the two of them. The cashier says do you want the receipt?

I’m saying to myself, I never had a cashier require me to reach across the whole register area to get the receipt. It would have looked like I was reaching in front of two women and grabbing the receipt out of her hand. After a while, she sort of moved the receipt a little bit closer. I’m always very patient because of the situations I’m usually navigating.

I understand everyone is doing there best. I’m very happy with the food and service at your establishment. If one of your staff took a plate of pasta and threw it in my face I wouldn’t be rude. I might eat some of it that didn’t fall on the floor and then I would wipe it off and not say a word. I’m not exaggerating, there is nothing anyone can do at your establishment that would make me lose my cool. I have been through hell and back and been victim to things that could not be carried out at a supermarket.

The Comptroller’s office knows me, other government offices I’m in contact with include the FBI, Manhattan Borough President, Queens Borough President, Manhattan District Attorney, Queens District Attorney, US Attorney, Internal Affairs, the Civilian Complaint Review Board, NYPD headquarters, Speaker of the City Council, Attorney General, Public Advocate, Department of Justice, DEA, etc.

The point of the story is that regardless of how anyone treats me I treat everyone with the utmost respect. The police send people to pick fights with me all the time. I’m not saying that is what happened here, I’m just saying it was peculiar.

Thank you for the great service you provide to the community and I look forward to continuing to support your excellent establishment. Of course, that means treating all your team members and customers with the utmost respect at all times.

Thank you and have a great day.

Ever upward,

Mark Pine