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I’m a founder who requires super-voting shares.

YouTube video: Fortune Explains: Dual Class Shares | Fortune.

I’m working on several startups in New York City and Long Island. For example, I’m developing a food startup, direct sales startup, entertainment startup, car service startup, real estate startups, and others. I like to believe that I’m an honest and transparent person with good intentions. My goals are to be successful and have a positive impact on society. I want to create win-win situations for people. I want to try to help financially challenged individuals create small businesses and elevate their situation.

Before I go any further, here are the disclaimers: I’m not an attorney. If you have questions, hire a lawyer. Use this information at your own risk. Results are not guaranteed. All information is subject to change. I am not a financial expert.

Regardless of how good or bad any of my ideas for startups are, the odds are all my startups are going to fail. That is the reality of the situation. I’m currently trying to crowdfund my startups and figure out any other way I can legally get my hands on the money it is going to take to get things moving forward. By some miracle, if I get my hands on the money to start launching startups I’m going to have to insist on super-voting shares so I can control the direction of the enterprises.

YouTube video: How do IPO super voting shares work? Yahoo Finance explains.

People I know pay New York and other states law enforcement to sabotage me. They have had dozens of girls and women try to hook up with me to try and set me up. They have women and men try and pick fights with me all the time. The police and their civilian sabotage team add drugs to water and throw it on me. Then they take pictures of me and harass me for hours. I have contacted the NYPD, FBI, US Attorney, District Attorney, Public Advocate, Attorney General, Department of Justice, Manhattan Borough President, New York State Police, City Council, and several others.

They also chased away the majority of my web marketing clients. They either tell people not to deal with me or they ask people to help them sabotage and harass me. I have not seen one person say no to them yet. Every single person they approached sold me down the river. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I have no criminal record.

If a professional and accredited technology investor was thinking about giving me money, they would immediately be contacted by New York law enforcement. The investor would be told do not help him or they would ask the investor to help them sabotage me. It’s that simple. If an investor still offered to help me after that I would have to insist that I have super-voting shares so that if they start to torture and harass the investor, the investor can’t sabotage my startup to appease the police and get them to stop harassing her or him.

If an accredited investor agreed to give me money after the police told them not to, I can imagine the next steps law enforcement would take. The first thing they would do is go to your favorite restaurant and ask them to tamper with your food. I’m not saying the restaurant will do it but I have seen dozens of restaurants and supermarkets allow the police to tamper with people’s food. Then the police will put the investor under a thorough investigation. They will try to find anything the investor is doing that is illegal so they can block the person from helping me. Then they would probably see if anyone that the investor cared about was doing anything illegal that they could use as leverage against the investor. If that didn’t work they would probably have their civilian lie and scam team start to harass the investor daily.

If the investor is a man, the police would have a few civilian women who work for them try to hook up with the investor to set him up. If the investor hooked up with one of the women, the women would immediately call the police and say he attacked her. If that didn’t work, the police would find all the women the investor dated in the past and pay them to say the investor attacked them.

I hope that anyone reading this now understands why I need super-voting shares.

By Mark Pine

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