The police are harassing me on the Long Island NICE bus.

YouTube video from NICE Bus, Careers in Motion: Join the NICE Team!

When I visit Long Island I use the bus called the Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE), to travel. People I know pay the NYPD and other New York law enforcement to harass me constantly. Naturally, the police has members of their civilian lie and scam team follow me onto the bus. In addition to the scam team following me around, the police have the bus drivers try to pick fights with me to get me kicked off the bus. I just took the bus from Flushing to Great Neck and the driver purposely closed the door on me while I was walking off the bus. It happened at June 13, 2020, around 1:07 PM. If I’m correct, it looks like there are cameras on the bus. I did not say a word, I’m going to send a copy of this blog post to the NICE Bus. They won’t look into it at all, they will just cover up for the police. I’ll keep documenting the harassment and discrimination. Eventually when there are enough instances, I’ll file a lawsuit. The police can care less what evidence they leave because they will hold the evidence hostage and destroy it. 

The fact that there are security cameras on the bus and the police still have the bus drivers closing the doors on me purposely shows how corrupt the system is. It’s the same scenario when I go grocery shopping. The police have people follow me into the supermarket and harass me in every way possible. They will have people block me and pretend they don’t realize and not move. They will have people try to crash into me. They will have people pretend to almost crash into me. They will have young girls follow me around the supermarket and pretend I’m following them and pretend they are scared. This is all happening while the police are supervising. 

YouTube video, NICE bus sign not working.

I hope one day we can match up my Chase Bank card to the security videos at some or all of the supermarkets. If people see what the police and their civilian lie and scam team are pulling they will not believe their eyes. I always treat everyone with the utmost respect regardless of how they treat me. It’s the way I am built and also the police are looking for any excuse to have me kicked out of everywhere I go. The police also make friends with some of the people who work at the supermarkets. They use the relationships to run scams. Also, people I know pay the police to tamper with people’s food in restaurants and supermarkets so they use the relationships for that too. 

Use this information at your own risk. Results are not guaranteed. If you have an emergency call 911. I’m a civilian, I don’t work for the government.

By Mark Pine

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