Precinct cops are not my problem.

YouTube video from NBC New York. NYPD cop accused of killing his 8 year old son. This officer has nothing to do with me. I’m just using this as an example of how out of control the NYPD and United States law enforcement is. This officer is innocent until proven guilty. I have no inside knowledge about this situation.

People I grew up with pay law enforcement in New York to terrorize people. They pay retired police and police who are above precinct level. When dealing with precinct cops you have good, bad,and indifferent. It’s the same with any business. Before I go any further, if you have an emergency call 911. I’m a civilian. I don’t work for the government. Just because this is my situation with the police, doesn’t mean it’s going to be yours. Hopefully they will help you. They definitely aren’t helping me. 

I’m sure there are a number of cops who work at precincts who are involved with harassing and sabotaging me. At the end of the day, I don’t take it personal. They are being paid to harass me and it’s their karma to deal with. From my experience on the outside looking in, if a member of law enforcement doesn’t do what they are told, they are going to have problems. For example, I don’t believe for one second that ten or more members of the NYPD killed themselves as is being reported. I think they saw how corrupt the NYPD is and they reported something. I suspect the NYPD killed them and said they killed themselves to cover up the scams. 

Let’s say hypothetically speaking that what I’m saying is true. If I was able to figure this out as a civilian, I’m confident that the police and civilians working at the NYPD know too. If the NYPD staff knows that the NYPD is killing their own employees do you think they are going to question any orders they are given? Would you?

YouTube video from CBS New York. Off-duty NYPD officer accused of fatally shooting childhood friend on Long Island. I have no inside knowledge of this case. The officer is innocent until proven guilty. I’m just using this as an example of how out of control United States law enforcement is.

The police officers at the NYPD get a check for life after they retire (it’s called a pension). I’m not sure about the civilians who work for the NYPD receive a pension. The United States government takes our money and pays their employees for life to keep quiet about the scams they run on us. In this economy and any economy no one wants to jeopardize a check for life. My civilian enemies are paying the top New York law enforcement. Lower ranking officers are not going to jeopardize their careers to help me. 

I have contacted the FBI, US Attorney, District Attorney, Manhattan Borough President, Attorney General, Public Advocate, City Council, DOI, CCRB, DEA, Secret Service, and others about my civilian enemies paying police to torture me. The only one who has done anything is the Comptroller. The Comptroller’s office set up a hearing or a deposition for me to try and sue the NYPD. The hearing is happening this month. 

The NYPD and New York law enforcement have had dozens of women try and hook up with me to set me up. They have had hundreds of women and men try to pick fights with me to get me in trouble. They also put drugs into water and throw it on me. 

I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party at all. I don’t have a criminal record. I don’t do anything illegal. My birthday is 08/15/1976 any police officer can look me up with that and my name.

If you are doing anything illegal, I say don’t do it. I have seen how law enforcement operates. They play more dirty than your wildest dreams and they hold all the cards. Also, one of law enforcement’s favorite scams is to use women to set people up. They have women from teens and up working for them. They will hook up with you and then say you attacked them. If you don’t fall for that, they will dig up every woman you have ever hooked up with and turn them against you.

The NYPD will also have people pick fights with you while the NYPD supervises. If the NYPD wants to set you up they will have someone crash into you, spit in your face, etc. Anything to get you to react negatively. Once you react they will have an unlimited amount of witnesses saying you started it. Any evidence that backs up your claims of innocence will be erased and the only evidence that survives will be used to convict you. 

One more time, do not do anything illegal because the police will catch you. I have also had members of the NYPD civilian lie and scam team brag to me about serving on juries. 

Disclaimers: Use this information at your own risk. Results are not guaranteed. All information is subject to change. I’m not a lawyer. I don’t work for the government. 

By Mark Pine

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