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From New York City to the North Shore of Long Island.

YouTube video, walking around in Great Neck, New York.

This week is finals week at the CUNY school I attend. Something inspired me to visit Long Island because I had a few take home exams. I said to myself I might as well go to Long Island because it’s so mellow compared to the city and I can relax and focus on my schoolwork. I haven’t come out here in a long time so I’m not exactly sure about all the different ways there are to take public transportation into Long Island. Of course, you have the Long Island Rail Road. That’s what I took to get here. It was under $10 each way on the train and that was the off peak price. I’m not 100% sure so please verify this information yourself but if I’m correct you can take the 7 train from New York City to Flushing and then take buses from Flushing into Long Island. I’m not sure exactly how it works but once finals are over and I’m not in such a rush, I’m going to check it out. If I can visit Long Island for $3 or $6 each way that would be amazing. $3 would be the most amazing. I’m not sure if I can transfer using my MetroCard. Regardless, the first final I took out here was for English 102. The teacher just emailed me that I got an A for the course. I’m in my second semester at CUNY and that is my 7th A in a row. I have three more classes this second semester so hopefully I’ll get As on all of them and maintain my 4.0 GPA. 

In addition to college I’m a blogger and vlogger. I’m also working on several startups. I am on a very limited budget and startups are super competitive but long shot odds has never stopped me before. I’m originally from Woodmere, NY and I graduated Hewlett High School in 1994. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I’m like a machine. The reason I’m adding that is hopefully I’ll inspire a few people to stop wasting their time and money. I’m not a doctor so if you have questions about your health, talk with a physician.

I love to blog and vlog. One day when I have the money I am going to hire people to take videos and pictures of me all day long and post them to the internet and social media. The plan is to promote positive messages, try to inspire people, and show people the behind the scenes of how I run my startups. Of course results are not guaranteed. Startups are extremely risky and all information is subject to change. In addition to people seeing how I’m running my startups, I would also like to uncover and share various opportunities with viewers. Right now I don’t have the money but once I have the capital I’m going to hire attorneys to figure out the best strategy to move forward. I want to try and limit legal liabilities as much as possible. I’m very careful how I operate when it comes to sharing messages with the public on the web. One I have the opportunity to work with lawyers, I can get more specific with the information I share on my various blogs and social media channels. 

My English 102 teacher gave us an awesome assignment that changed me forever. She made us write for 10 minutes per day. Sometimes we were allowed to write about topics that we choose. Other days we were given topics to write about. When I was ordered to write for 10 minutes per day it made me realize that there is always time to blog. No matter how busy I think I am, I can take out 30 minutes to an hour to share my thoughts with the world. Hopefully the more I write, the better I’ll become at it. Also, I’m recording videos for YouTube almost every day. In total I have three blogs plus my social media pages. I have a blog which is this one I have a blog which is which is an abbreviation for I Love Life. Then I have a Tumblr blog which is located at I started out thinking this blog post was going to go on but I changed my mind while writing it and I’m going to post it on my blog 

I believe what goes around comes around. I believe in going out of my way for people and not being concerned if I’m going to be paid back right away. I believe in creating win win situations when I interact with others. I believe in treating everyone with respect. Times up, back to my schoolwork. Thank you for reading and watching, have a great day.

By Mark Pine

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