The NYPD is running social distancing scams in supermarkets and stores.

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YouTube video from the NYPD, Practice Social Distancing.

This is a letter I just sent to a supermarket in Nassau County about the NYPD running non stop scams on me and harassing me every time I go shopping.


I’m going to make this quick because I have college finals and the NYPD has been harassing me constantly for so long I can’t remember. People I grew up with in New York pay the top law enforcement in New York to tease me, harass me, physically attack me, destroy and steal my property and try to have me locked up. I have no criminal record and I don’t do anything illegal. I live squeaky clean. No drinking, no partying, etc. I’m not saying your supermarket has anything to do with this but I had a few things happen at the location in Nassau County that I want to quickly mention. 

Anytime I go into a store the NYPD and their civilian team follow me in. They have people try and pick fights with me to try and have me kicked out. One of their signature scams is to have the cashier call me up before the last person leaves. When I walk up to the cashier everyone runs to the manager and says I’m not social distancing. I call it the NYPD social distancing scam. They also have people pretend to almost crash into me and other scams like that. 

Two quick things I want to mention that happened today at your Nassau County location. I shopped at your supermarket twice today. The first time I went to pay the customer behind me walked up while I was paying and was standing about 1 foot away from me. The cashier saw and said nothing. I didn’t say a word because the NYPD and New York law enforcement has me walking on eggshells not to get kicked out of anywhere.

YouTube video about the NYPD running social distancing scams in stores and supermarkets for cash.

The second time I was at your store today a staff member walked up to me and said go to isle 5. I walked over and saw a senior citizen still paying and checking out. I said to the person there is someone still paying, shouldn’t I wait over here? The person snapped at me and started getting very nasty. I’m not saying this has anything to do with the police harassing me 24/7 for years. Nevertheless, I’m used to being harassed every single day so I never lose my cool. I said I don’t feel comfortable walking so close to the senior citizen, I want to properly social distance out of respect for the senior. Can I please talk with a manager?

The manager walked over and said the staff member was correct and that two at a time should stand at the register. I said now I know. Thank you for your time and have a great day. It was a very quick encounter. I just wanted to mention this because I enjoy shopping at your supermarket. Regardless if your employees snap at me, I will continue to treat everyone with the utmost respect like I always do. 

Thank you and have a great day. 

Ever upward, 

Mark Pine

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