New York City entertainment startup crowdfunding.

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I’m crowdfunding a risky entertainment startup. The plan is to create positive and uplifting entertainment projects. That can include videos for the web and social media, TV shows, movies, books, games, and music.

YouTube video: positive entertainment startup crowdfunding.
YouTube video. Risky entertainment startup crowdfunding.

The main idea is to create content that tries to uplift, inspire, and educate viewers. For example, I have ideas for reality shows that will help financially challenged individuals. Provide people with computer equipment, training, clothes, open doors for them, and document their progress. Another project I’m thinking about will focus on animals. Put a bunch of animals together, cats, dogs, chickens, pigs, cows, and create a show. The plan is that hopefully, people will eat fewer animals. There is an endless amount of ideas and projects to produce and distribute. In addition to creating projects from scratch, I would like to purchase and distribute completed works from around the world. 

I want to produce enjoyable entertainment that will help people become more productive with their spare time. Everyone likes to vege out and relax to a little entertainment. My thought process is if you’re going to do that at least learn something during that time. To be wasting hours and hours and not gaining any knowledge makes no sense to me. For example, I was just relaxing watching videos about singularity. Another project I have in mind is to take people on tours of cities they are thinking about moving to. Create footage that makes the city the star of the videos. Show as much of the city as possible so people can have a better understanding of what it looks like. 

I’m not saying all entertainment but a lot of it is promoting negative messages and useless information. I wouldn’t do that to people for all the money in the world. I want to try to inspire people and provide ideas and information that just might help elevate their lives. I don’t want to oversell it so I’m cutting it there. 

The odds are none of this will ever make any money. I hope it does, although that is the reality of the situation. I plan on running all my startups from New York City. I’m from here and I’m never leaving. I grew up in Woodmere, Long Island. In addition to the entertainment startup, I’m working on several additional startups. For example, a food startup, car service startup, direct sales startup, and a search engine startup. 

As always, I will have to hire attorneys when I get my hands on the necessary funds to make sure everything I’m doing is legal and follows the laws. Disclaimers: These types of startups are extremely risky. All information is subject to change. Use this information at your own risk. Results are not guaranteed. This is not an investment opportunity. 

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