Crowdfunding risky startups.

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I like to go onto real estate websites and apps and search for homes. I envision myself living at the houses, townhouses, and condos I find. I’m located in New York City and I’m from Woodmere, Long Island. Currently, I have no money and bad credit. I believe in the law of attraction, meaning I try to focus on productive things or items that I want. I’m definitely staying in New York City for life. I search for homes in New York City and Long Island. My dream is to own homes in both areas. 

I’m a New York licensed real estate broker. I just got my license renewed with my student loan money. Thank God for student loans. Right now college takes up the majority of my time, although I plan on getting back into real estate brokerage one day. That’s why I keep the license. Thank God the Department of State gives a certain amount of time after the license is expired to renew it so I didn’t lose my brokers license. Thank you, Department of State. I also just sent my info in through the post office to get my passport card I believe its called. I think that goes through the Department of State too if I’m correct. I could have gotten the passport book or passport card or both. I opted for the passport card because it’s the least expensive. I will get the passport book at a later date. 

Disclaimers: Use this information at your own risk. Results are not guaranteed. All information is subject to change. These blogs and videos are for entertainment purposes and general information. Please verify everything yourself. I’m not a lawyer. This is not an investment opportunity. 

YouTube video, crowdfunding risky startups. I’m talking about super risky.

Who knows if the law of attraction works or not? All I know is that I want to buy homes in New York City and Long Island. Maybe New Jersey and Connecticut too. I enjoy searching for real estate even though I don’t have any money to buy. The websites I search on are StreetEasy, Zillow, Trulia, and I also look at the broker’s websites too. 

Speaking of the law of attraction, I go onto websites that sell computers and laptops and look at the devices I would buy when I have the money. I believe in window shopping on the internet. I like visiting, Samsung, Best Buy,, and others. I also like to window shop for winter jackets because New York City is cold in the winter. I want to stay warm. I’m definitely buying a new winter jacket or two with my student loans this fall.

I hope college is back open this fall. I have no idea if that is going to happen or not. I don’t follow the news because I have too much schoolwork. I never thought there was time to blog and vlog either until one of my teachers gave me an assignment to write for 10 minutes per day. After months of writing 10 minutes per day, I started to think to myself that I could be fitting in time for blogging too. I publish my videos on a bunch of social media websites. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others. I publish my blogs on,,, and others. I’m not sure what website I should publish this one on yet. I write blogs in Google Docs and as I’m writing them I decide which website to publish the blog on. 

My goal in life is to be a famous motivational speaker and launch a bunch of startups. I want to live comfortably and have a positive impact on society. I’m working on crowdfunding startups. They are all in the very early stages. Of course, they are extremely risky. I’m an optimistic person but when I publish information on the internet I am very cautious. That is why I try not to oversell things. For example, the odds are 99.9% that all my startups will fail. That is the reality of the situation. I hope they don’t, but I’m not going to pretend that the odds are any better than that. The odds that my startups will succeed are less than the odds at a casino. 

One of my startup ideas is for a direct sales startup. The plan is to research products and services that people buy the most. Then I want to figure out how people can sell the products and services into their communities. I’m talking about small businesses, normal people, not huge corporations. I want to try and create opportunities for people to start their own small companies. I’m going to have to hire lawyers to make sure I’m following all the laws. Of course, the odds are this is not going to work. It’s just an idea. Also, I have to work out where the people are going to sell from. That is what I need to work out with attorneys. Can people sell products from their homes, cars, tables on the side of the road, retail stores, I’m not sure. I want to try and figure out a way for people to sell products and services inexpensively so that they can earn money and the customers can get a good deal. 

In my humble opinion, a relativity easy way to earn money would be to find investors to buy a bunch of real estate. I’m not sure exactly what my role would be. I will need to speak with attorneys on this one too. I could potentially see myself hiring real estate management companies and overseeing the management companies. Possibly being a bridge between the management companies who handle the day to day upkeep of the properties and the investors. I would love to work with investors to buy a bunch of real estate. It could be commercial, residential, or retail. I’m a licensed real estate broker in New York so I could broker the deals. However I’m legally allowed to set it up, I will. If it’s legal, I would like to start a company that raises a bunch of money and then goes out and purchases real estate and hires management companies to manage the properties. I have seen people do that and earn money, lose money, get sued, and every other situation I can imagine. Just like with anything, I would always be upfront with people and let them know there is the potential to lose everything. 

Speaking about being upfront with people, I provide web marketing services for companies. I love it, it’s a lot of fun. One of my favorite services is to help people manage their Google Ads. One service I provide that is a mess, is reputation management. I have had people dangle checks in front of my face and ask me to guarantee reputation management. I can care less if I don’t have a penny to my name, I will never guarantee marketing or reputation management results. That is why I have never been sued by web marketing clients. Knock on wood. Get it, I’m Pine, knock on wood. I’m always upfront with marketing clients and I explain the potential good and bad. 

Another startup I’m thinking about has to do with food. There are a lot of directions it can go. Again, I have to speak with attorneys and make sure it’s all legal. That goes double in my opinion for anything that has to do with food. I might want to open up a supermarket franchise. I have a few ideas for that. I’m also thinking about possibly creating a website and apps where people can search for indoor and outdoor farms and farmers markets where they can shop. I would also like to explore if it’s possible, a way to help people create their own indoor and outdoor farms. Moreover, I would like to create blogs and videos about farms and indoor farms. 

One more idea I’d like to mention in this post is an idea I have for a car service. I would like to start a car service with bullet resistant cars. In a perfect world, the drivers would be former police officers or any former government employees who are licenses to carry. 

I can’t end the post without mentioning I would like to create a search engine. Google is doing a great job with their search engine. Regardless, I would like to compete with them. I have ideas on how to try and create an alternative to Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. The odds are it will fail, but that had never stopped me before. 

In addition to the search engine, I would like to create positive entertainment content. I want to create uplifting content that inspires people and hopefully give them new ideas. Results are not guaranteed, but I’m going to try. It can be videos for social media, games, books, movies, music, TV shows, etc. 

Ultimately I would like to go into almost every business. I love people and I want to try and have the most positive impact I can on society. Again, I’m careful how I present things on the internet so I’m not going to oversell it. These are a few of my ideas and I have a lot more. Right now I’m trying to figure out how to get it all moving forward. I’m also going to school full time so that takes up the majority of my days. I try to squeeze in a few minutes here and there to follow my dreams. 

All the startups and probably going to fail and all the money is going to be lost.

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