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Calling psychics.

YouTube video, I had a interesting call with a psychic.

I had a two-hour call with a psychic. I have booked a few sessions with life coaches over the years. While searching for life coaches, I started to notice psychics showing up in some of my internet searches. A few years ago I spoke with a psychic and had a good 45 minute or hour consultation. I’m not including the names of either psychic because I’m not endorsing anyone I don’t know really well. I’m located in New York and both psychics were out of state. 

We talked about how I am trying to elevate my situation. I arrived at the realization that there are a few ways I can break into the big leagues. I’m trying to make myself a famous motivational speaker (blogger and vlogger). In addition to sharing positive messages on the web, I’m working on several startups. I’m not putting all my eggs in one basket, my goal is to launch several startups. 

Disclaimers: use this information at your own risk. Results are not guaranteed. All information is subject to change. This video and blog are for entertainment and general informational purposes. I’m not a lawyer. I’m not a doctor. The odds are all my projects and startups are going to flop. The majority of these type of projects lose money. 

The first realization I arrived at is I need to step up my vlogging and blogging game. If I step it up enough there is a possibility my content will go viral. If that happens I might land marketing gigs, GoFundMe donations, and other offers. In my opinion, the more exposure I earn, the better the odds of opening the right doors. 

Next, I’m thinking about contacting the SEC and asking them how I can legally (if there is any legal way, I’m not sure), try to connect with professional, accredited investors, and see if anyone is crazy enough to burn a few hundred thousand or million on me. I’m going to say upfront that the odds are the money is 99.9% going to end up in the trash. Also, I’m not taking any deals where I don’t have full control to do whatever I want. I can care less if someone with $10 billion dollars offers me $10 million dollars. I will offer transparency and be upfront with people but I’m not getting into a situation where my enemies can send a police officer into someone’s office and scare them into sabotaging one of my companies. I grew up with people that do that like you order a pizza. 

Just because I had a good call with the psychic doesn’t mean you are going to. Just like with anything there is good and bad with every industry. Do not give your money to psychics and life coaches and then complain to me if they rob you and don’t help you at all. Do not invest money in life coaches that you can’t afford to burn or lose. 

One of the startups I’m working on is to help people create small businesses. I want to take products that people buy in stores and have people sell them directly into their communities. I have to work out the particulars with attorneys. Another idea I’m developing is a search engine to compete with Google. The last startup I’ll quickly mention is about food. 

By Mark Pine

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