Twitter post about the fact that I’m not staying at any NYC government provided hotel.

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I’m homeless. There is no chance that I’m going into a hotel. The NYPD made me homeless because people I know paid them. I have gone through all the proper channels to get the NYPD to stop harassing me and none worked. NYC owes me millions of dollars.  

The NYC government and NYPD have robbed me so many times I’ve lost count. I don’t trust them at all. The NYPD has sabotaged me with almost every NYC government agency I have ever interacted with. I’m trying to earn money to get a roof over my head. The NYPD continues to scam me.

YouTube video, The NYPD is sabotaging me with HRA in NYC.

I’m not going into a hotel so the NYPD can torture me there. If they want to continue to torture me they can follow me around, which is what they are doing.

The NYPD can have my hotel room. They can run scams out of it. I wouldn’t go into a hotel connected with the NYC government if you offered me $10 million per night to stay there. I was in a homeless shelter a few nights and the NYPD had people chasing me around the place.

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