Calling the NYPD to cover myself.

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People I know pay the NYPD to torture me. It has been going on for years. Internal Affairs is part of the package. They physically attack me. I have been to the emergency room dozens of times around Manhattan in the last few years. They steal and destroy my property. They write me thousands of dollars in tickets for anything you can imagine. I’m not saying names because I don’t want to be sued for libel but one of the civilians who pay the NYPD to torture me was allegedly caught committing felonies involving women and the NYPD let him go. I am under surveillance as I am writing this. The NYPD has me under 24-7 surveillance. The United States Government putting someone under surveillance is like you or me buying a cup of tea. It’s nothing.  

Credit: NYPD Internal Affairs

I don’t blame the members of the NYPD. In my view it’s the United States Government. This has been going on for decades. The reason for this post is the NYPD and United States Government’s civilian sabotage team. The big joke on all of us is that the NYPD has a large number of civilians that they use to run all types of scams. Use your imagination. One of the scams is to have women follow me around, slam into me while recording my reaction, pretend I’m following them, things like that. The NYPD also has women and men pick fights with me, while the NYPD supervises. They are ruthless. Some of the NYPD’s civilian sabotage team actually looks llike they would have been normal if they didn’t sell their soul to the devil. 

Credit: Civilian Complaint Review Board

There were a few cases I saw in the news that looked like the work of the United States Government and NYPD’s civiliain sabotage team setting people up. I’m not going to say who, I don’t want to be sued for defamation. The civilian sabotage team is good at picking fights with people. The NYPD will bring them into supermarkets after hours, stores, gyms, subways, schools, etc. and practice with them. Basically have them run drills like it’s the military. The only difference is they aren’t here to protect anyone. They are here to pick fights with targets and have people sabotaged, banned from places, thrown out of places, harass people, and of course have people thrown in prision. 

Internal Affairs is a 100% scam. I still call them all the time because you have to touch every base. In my opinion, they are low level cops with no power who do what they are told. The highest rank I ever spoke with at Internal Affairs is detective and that is not a particularly high rank in law enforcement. Regardless of what the rank is, the NYPD moves as one unit. People pay for me to be tortured by them and no member of the NYPD or New York City government is going to help me. 

Disclaimers: I’m a civilian. I have no criminal record. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I don’t date. If you have an emergency call 911. If you have legal questions call an attorney. I’m not a lawyer. Just because this is my experience, doesn’t mean it is going to be yours. Hopefully, most people will never have to deal with this. 

Now let’s get to the calling to cover myself. When the NYPD and their civilian sabotage team start harassing me, like right now, I call various government numbers and law enforcement numbers to cover myself. I know for a one hundred percent fact they aren’t going to help me. I don’t take it personal. The NYPD are the biggest … in the city. I wouldn’t want them harassing me if I could avoid it. Now when I call 911, Police headquarters, Internal Affairs, the Civilian Complaint Review Board, Manhattan Borough President, Queens Borough President, Manhattan District Attorney, Queens District Attorney, United States Attorney, etc. I just say it’s a CCM call and then explain what that is. 

Even though the NYPD did not succeed in having my locked op, I have been homeless for the last five years. I sleep in chairs on the subway platform in Midtown or on the Upper East Side. I pick subway stations in those areas that have lots of security cameras. I’m making the best of it. Also, the NYPD goes into all my online accounts and impersonates me. For example, they go into my social media accounts and erase followers, they go into this blog and make changes, and they go into my Google accounts. I have double verification on everything but they just take my phone when I’m sleeping. Currently, I’m going to community college and I have an A average with a perfect attendance record. I have been to the emergency room of the hospital several times. They gave me an EKG, took my vitals, etc. They said I’m OK. I also eat healthy. Thank you.

YouTube video, Caught on tape: NYPD officer points gun at crowd
from CBS Evening News. This officer has nothing to do with my situation with the NYPD. I’m using this video as an example of how out of control the NYPD can be at times. They help people too, just not me.

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