The NYPD has thousands of civilian women and girls running scams for them off the books.

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If you are a normal person and this doesn’t make sense to you I understand. The government has billions and trillions of dollars and most of us civilians are living check to check. Imagine the evilest people you have ever met in your life having billions of dollars. That is what it’s like dealing with the government and law enforcement. For example, how many times have you heard the FBI wins ninety percent or more of its cases? Do you realize how hard it is to get a dozen people to agree on anything? The reason, in my opinion, the FBI wins so many of its cases is because people are scared to go against them (rightfully so), and they lie, cheat, and steal. 

YouTube video, Ex Machina Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2015) – Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson Movie HD from Movieclips Trailers. The NYPD had dozens of girls and women try to set me up, now I want a robot girlfriend.

I grew up around several millionaires who pay the NYPD and New York law enforcement to sabotage people all day long. Whatever you believe that the United States Government and law enforcement would never do, is where they start. For example, having women run scams for them and having their civilian sabotage team bring young children and babies on surveillance missions to use them as cover. No normal person would believe the NYPD has civilians running around for them and on top of that, they bring babies in strollers. 

No one also would have believed what NYPD Alberto Randazzo was up to until he was sentenced to twenty-eight years. I’m surprised the NYPD didn’t just fly him out of the country. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did after he was sentenced. I don’t see the NYPD putting one of their own in a cage for three decades. I’m not saying NYPD Alberto Randazzo has anything to do with what I’m talking about in this post. I’m just saying he is a good example of an out of control member of the NYPD. When the system is as broken as it has been for decades if not forever, you are going to attract a number of Alberto Randazzo’s (NYPD Alberto Randazzo on

I don’t want anyone reading this to think I’m a negative person. Deep down I love everyone. I was living a normal, carefree life and people I grew up with paid law enforcement to torture me and toss me headfirst into the street. If I had any criminal record before this all started, I would be finished right now. The NYPD had dozens of women try to hook up with me to set me up. I grew up around so many people who have the NYPD on their payroll, I saw it happening from a mile away. In addition to that, I was already more focused on getting my life together than dating. I love women, although I made a commitment to myself that I wouldn’t jump into the dating pool until I reach financial freedom. After what the NYPD and their civilian sabotage girls have done to me, I might purchase a robot and date the machine when I have the money. That is unless my attornies tell me the NYPD has figured out a way to have the robots set me up. 

YouTube video, Who is Police Commissioner Dermot Shea? from the NYPD. I don’t know if the commissioner knows about all the women the NYPD has running around pulling scams or not. I know because the NYPD uses the women to harass me and try to set me up. I can’t speak for what the commissioner knows or doesn’t know.

If you are a normal woman reading this I hope I’m not being disrespectful. The truth of the matter is that no one cares if a man says a woman is harassing him. If a woman says that a man is harassing her, the odds are the man is going to have legal issues. There are people who work for the United States Government, law enforcement, and private citizens who hire women to use that fact to scam people. If the government offered you an apartment, car, clothes, bank account full of cash, and tons of additional perks to run a few scams for them here and there, would you do it? If the answer is no, God bless you, I hope you receive all the gifts life has to offer. The fact remains the United States Government and law enforcement has an enormous number of women and men running scams for them. I’m not talking about the men too much in this post because I’m dealing with the NYPD sending one woman after the next at me to harass me. They also have women and men try to pick fights with me. They will pull fake-outs, crash into me, any possible scam you can imagine. 

Disclaimers: Use this information at your own risk. Results are not guaranteed. I’m not a doctor. I’m not a lawyer. I’m a civilian. I’m a blogger. All information is subject to change. If you have questions talk with a lawyer or call the Police. 

I’m writing this post from a chair on a subway platform on the Upper East Side in New York City. A couple a cops from the NYPD just walked by. I said hello and was very nice to them. My issue isn’t with the cops on the street beat, at precincts, or on the phone. My issue is with the people I grew up with who pay the NYPD to torture me and the guys they pay to torture me. Regardless I am not going to lose my cool with anyone. I have no criminal record. I don’t do anything illegal. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I eat healthily. I don’t date.   

YouTube video, What is NYPD Neighborhood Policing from the NYPD. They are walking around and talking to people. If you are doing anything illegal in New York just know the NYPD has so many civilians running around it would be a miracle if one of them doesn’t see what you are up to. That goes for everytype of crime. Yes that means you too white collar criminals! Street crime, forget it they have cameras all over the place and snitches. I’m not a lawyer or law enforcement. Use this information at your own risk. Talk with a lawyer if you have specific questions. I love everyone.

I have been homeless in New York City for the past five years. I have a place to shower and keep my things. As far as myself I’m undomiciled. I sleep in chairs on the subway platform in Midtown Manhattan with plenty of surveillance cameras around. That is as safe as I can make it for now. When it’s warm I sleep on benches in Midtown. I’m also a full-time student at a CUNY school. I’m making the best of it and I’m doing everything in my power to get a roof back over my head. My dream is financial freedom so I can blog, vlog, and work on my startups. I want to be a billionaire and have a positive impact on society. 

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